Papercut flutter tunics (one with Nani Iro, one with Basil the pug)

Back from a lovely Fiji break. I did lots of pre-holiday sewing and got to take quite a few photos of the new makes in action. First up the Flutter dress/tunic. This one is a winner!

Kirsty and Lizzy have both made lovely versions of Papercut’s Flutter tunic. I picked up some Nani Iro in the Tessuti sale that I thought would be perfect.

The fabric is a double muslin ( I didn’t know what double muslin was. It’s interesting, quite fine and light, but 2 layers of  ….well…. muslin :)).

It’s quite narrow , only 110 cm wide, so you can see the selvedge with Naomi Ito’s name at the centre back seam. I don’t mind it at all, she is an artist after all, and an artist signs their work.


A really quick make. I finished the neck and sleeves with self-bias, under-stitching, folding it to the wrong side. It’s a nice clean finish. wpid-20150830_122726.jpg Continue reading

I made jeans! Ginger jeans

hello! guess what?? I made jeans and I’m just a bit pleased with myself.

Fitted trousers or jeans have been on my wish list/to do list for ages.

Then I acquired this fabric. A lovely soft brushed cotton(?) with quite a bit of stretch. and you know…….. animal print!wpid-20150727_081825.jpg

2 identical remnants from Tessuti! both 1 m, enough for jeans even with nap.

Barbarajanemade Ginger jeans.jpeg

Cordova jacket, windy day at the gallery, me trying to stop the jeans falling down.

There was a bit of discussion on Instagram with Melanie and Lara who also have this fabric. Melanie was deciding what to make. Lara has made some very elegant Style Arc Misty jeans. Continue reading

The wallpaper dress – Vogue 8997 – what not to do

I originally had this dress in mind for Canberra frocktails, but then another new shiny frock came along, hello Badgley Miscka!

The fabric

In Melbourne a while back, I stumbled across a shop selling Alannah Hill seconds. Literally stumbled, it was raining, I was on my way to The Fabric Store and ducked in to escape the shower. It also had the ends of fabric rolls!! What fun. I think many Melbournites have known about this place for ages but for me it was a bit of a find.

I don’t know what Alannah made with this fabric, hopefully it wasn’t wallpaper, though on second thoughts ………….wpid-wp-1433739505118.jpeg

I thought hey, that will make a fancy-pants frock. It’s a heavy gold brocade with black flock, very like wallpaper, and about as much drape. Continue reading