It must be summer somewhere! I’m there with my Flora sundress

tmp_21837-image-1749783388weather todayMore unseasonal sewing!? By Hand London Flora, the perfect sundress. A girl will need something to wear in Venice after all, and the timing is perfect for the Summer Sundress Sew-a-long.

aaah the dresses of summer, airy and light, fun and frivolous, the darling buds of May….

It’s below zero overnight in this part of Oz at the moment. The days are mostly sunny and clear. Find yourself a little sun-trap, pour yourself something sparkly, aah is it summer yet? Something to wear……

 Here’s my Flora and here‘s one I made one earlier (for my daughter).


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Cordova jacket – retro fitting

You might remember a couple of weeks ago, just as the mercury plummeted and the winds picked up, I finished my wool/cashmere and silk lined Cordova jacket .



I really like Leith’s and Andrea’s Cordova jackets. They had noted that the pattern ran large, but I didn’t size down as they suggested and I wasn’t totally happy with my finished look. It probably didn’t help that the fabric was quite thick. Lovely and warm, but fairly bulky. I asked for some advice on reducing the puffiness in the shoulders. I got some lovely feedback. Continue reading

Sewaholic Cordova jacket question

A quick post to seek some advice. I finished my Cordova jacket just in time for Canberra’s icy blast. But as several bloggers have noted it does run large and I probably should have sized down, or at least reduced the shoulders. I’m thinking of trying to take some of the puffiness out of the shoulders. It would mean unpicking the lining. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Has anyone else tried this sort of retro-fitting? It’s wool/cashmere with a silk lining.

cordova jacketcordova jacket liningcordova jacket