fashion icon – jean shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton – English model and actress, it girl, icon of the 60s, who caused a sensation wearing a mini skirt in Melbourne in 1965.

Inspired by Ms Shrimpton and because everyone needs a snakeskin (print) dress. Also inspired by Gerties many versions I used this Simplicity pattern.

I did my usual FBA. The pattern calls for a zip, but when I selected this cotton:


from Addicted to Fabric I didn’t notice it was 3 per cent spandex. The lady at a2f suggested I could probably get away without a zip, since it had some stretch. How easy would that be? I tried it and hey presto no zip needed. I even did away with facings and used bias binding, a very easy dress.


I did try a peter pan collar in a floral that had similar collours but decided it was a bit too twee for the older lady.



Very happy with this, I made another. I’ve had a hankering for something willow paternish and really liked this fabric, also with some spandex, though you wouldn’t know from the look of it. I’m not usually a fan of spandex, but this was so pretty. After many years living in Darwin where anything not 100 per cent cotton was unwearable, I tend to steer away from spandex, but here in a normal climate it’s quite wearable and it tends to be cheaper than many 100 per cent cottons or linens. This time I thought I’d do facings for a slightly more polished finish.



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