new fabric – handwoven in flores

No surf to speak of at the coast today, though the water was divine.


There was a textile shop though, under someones house a block from the beach, selling textiles from west timor. I picked up this lovely length of handwoven material, meant as a sarong. It’s got the quality and hand of a brocade. I will have to test it for colour fastness though, as it’s meant for a sarong, it should hold up ok to washing.



I’m still deciding what to make, and which to call the right side. Im thinking maybe an elisalex (by hand london) with a red poplin lining. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “new fabric – handwoven in flores

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  2. Fancy finding a fabric shop at the coast! You should write a book – great fabric shops of australia! I think I like the darker side of the material best – could make quite an elegant dress. I’m sure it will turn out nice whatever you choose to do. BTW I wore the anna to Courgette restaurant in canberra last night for dad’s 89th birthday. Excellent fare and I thought an excellent choice of attire too


    • congrats and best wishes to your dad.

      I know, fancy finding fabric at the coast! we were at a bit of a loss with no swell, Im not sure Simon was a thrilled as me to find a fabric place.


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