Do ‘me-mades’ work for work?

Do you wear your ‘me-mades’ to work? What makes something ok for work at your place? Is it the styling and shapes? How much does colour matter?

I was given some gorgeous Babbarra Designs fabric from my good friends at Nomad Art. I’ve used some of it to make a pencil skirt.

tmp_work skirt~3195740992014-03-04 08.00.07

2014-03-04 07.54.00

I think being a pencil skirt makes it ok for work, even if the pattern is unusual. I love the vibrant green and the design is very beautiful. I think it pairs well with black or white. It’s is a hard-wearing cotton drill, that looks to be dyed in lovely blues and greens before being screen-printed.

I made a high waisted pencil skirt. At the apex of the vent I put a covered button, because it looks good, but also to strengthen the vent.


tmp_20140304_074902195740992014-03-04 07.50.38

Do you wear what you make to work?


9 thoughts on “Do ‘me-mades’ work for work?

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    • Thanks for stopping by. Yep I’m at work 5 days a week too, more and more I only wear what I make. I wouldn’t wear sleeveless, even when I lived in Darwin. So you need to wear trousers? I haven’t attempted trousers yet.


      • I grew up in Darwin, I hear they were all hot there yesterday with the power out. At my work I need to wear sneakers in the lab and sometimes I’m moving furniture and equipment.


      • hello fellow Darwinite!I lived there for 16 years when my children were growing up. that explains your wordpress address.yes, sounds like more than the average blackout yesterday.


  2. Hi Barbara,

    I love the skirt and the way you have used this fabric. I have a had a great time browsing through your website, it is full of ideas and successful outfits. I hope one day I will be able to fill my wardrobes with hand mades too! Rose


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