Gabriola skirt

    I’m joining the Gabriola sew-along.


    is the latest pattern from Tasia at Sewaholic. It looks like a lovely, elegant and flattering long skirt. The


    starts Monday.

I’ve had a bit of a hankering for a long velvet skirt, something I could wear to an opera. Also something that would go with an as yet unmade jacket using this gorgeous fabric, that I got from Tessuti when I visited Melbourne in January:


I couldn’t find any velvet at my usual favourites, Addicted to Fabric or Tessuti. In the end I found the bamboo fabric store and ordered this. It’s velour, not velvet and not quite as deep a colour as I was hoping, but I think it might work quite well. wrong

2014-03-13 19.26.33

I was tossing up the poppy red but went koi coloured in the end. It’s super wide and I’ve ended up with way more than I need. So if anyone has any suggestions for left over orange velour?? I’m not expecting to be bowled over with ideas, might be a niche fabric selection.

Pre the sew-along Caroline Amanda provided a tutorial on grading between sizes that I found very helpful. I graded between three sizes waist to hip. It’s the first time I’ve really understood grading between sizes. Having learnt about size grading is going to be really useful for all my future sewing.


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