oh my! sequined Tokyo jacket

I fell in love with this sequined fabric from Tessuti. It was always going to need a simple pattern. I perused many jacket patterns and finally decided on Tessutis Tokyo jacket. I’m hoping it will go with my Gabriola skirt, currently under construction.

tmp_jacket 1-577869580tmp_image-1170981483tmp_image413911298tmp_image466108066tmp_image-17004170112014-03-16 16.26.33

It’s the first time I’ve downloaded a pdf pattern. Can’t say I was enamored with sticking 30+ A4 sheets of paper together. One inaccuracy can easily multiply to a large discrepency. I managed in the end and I did like the immediacy and easy access of finding the right pattern and in a few clicks it’s yours.

Cutting the fabric was a challenge. There were sequins everywhere. It reminded me of scaling barramundi, not as smelly perhaps, but scales/sequins everywhere, best attempted in the backyard. I’m not sure it did my scissors any good. Will have to get them sharpened now, for sure.

2014-03-15 11.58.312014-03-15 12.10.24

2014-03-15 14.45.552014-03-15 14.51.23

I didn’t have enough material to make the three quarter length sleeves, but I didn’t mind for this. I eliminated the back seam to reduce the number of seams. I used a super sharp Schmetz Microtex needle and amazingly only broke one during the whole construction. I also didn’t include pockets or the bands. I finished sleeves with extra wide bias. It looked ok but I ran out and couldn’t get anymore locally. Ever impatient, I got some satin bias to finish the other edges. I decided it was a much better finish, not as heavy and distorting on the very light sequined fabric as the poly-cotton bias. I think it also suits the shininess of the sequins better than the gingham look bias. I replaced the bias on the sleeves so all the edges are finished in the same way.

In the end I’m pretty happy with the result. I will definitely make the Tokyo jacket again. Next time in a simpler material and with the bands and pockets. I was flying blind sewing with sequins, as I was here with my wedding dress. Does anyone have any tips for sewing sequined fabric? I found it hard work, but I do like the look.

2014-03-16 11.50.272014-03-16 11.51.35


14 thoughts on “oh my! sequined Tokyo jacket

  1. Your jacket is beautiful! I was curious about something: I’ve heard that if you sew on sequins, you’re supposed to actually remove the sequins where your seams are going to be and then re-stitch them onto the bare fabric when the garment is done (so much work!!!). Did you think that was necessary, or find that your seams were stiff or overly bulky? Thanks and have fun wearing your jacket!


    • Hi Anelise, I had also heard that, but I didn’t to it. I sewed slowly and sort of moved them out of the way of the needle if I could, some I sewed through. They were a light plastic so it was possible. On this jacket the seams were fine. I have made a lace dress and the lace also had sequins, those seams were very bulky, so I ended up trimming them quite close to reduce the bulk. Have a look at Elaine of What Diana did next, she’s recently made a sequinned top and has some tips.


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    • Hi Sue, thanks I’m very happy with it. I did sew right through them if I couldnt nudge them out of the way. I also trimmed them where they made the seams bulky. It wasn’t enjoyable sewing because you are always wondering if the needle was going to break. The seqins are quite light plastic but a few together will do some damage.


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