Terra-cotta Italian wool, a jacket for autumn



You can just feel the nip in the Canberra air. Autumn is here and the trees are looking splendid. I was very happy with my sequined Tokyo jacket,  so I thought I’d try it in a fabric for between seasons. Addicted to Fabric have a gorgeous range of Italian wools in. Here is my autumn Tokyo jacket using the Tessuti pattern.


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I’m wearing a lovely brooch by Sarah Millicent Elliott of Elliott My Dear. It’s a delicate painting of a pair of fairy wrens so common in Canberra gardens. I’m also wearing a recently made Sewaholic Renfrew top, made with a bamboo knit. Still not a knit convert, but will keep trying.

To do this beautiful fabric justice I wanted to make sure the jacket was pretty on the inside. I bound the seams (Hong Kong binding) in a fine ribbon, called hug-snug. It didn’t look to be a great match for the lovely terra-cotta wool, but once attached it magically seemed perfect. It’s the first time I’ve done Hong Kong seams and (naturally) as soon as I’ve finished the jacket I read a Threads article about how to do Hong Kong seams. ‘Stitching in the ditch’ would have improved them. Another tip for next time I guess. Does that ever happen to you?

2014-03-19 16.07.422014-03-19 16.34.44

Do you have any plans for some trans-seasonal sewing?


7 thoughts on “Terra-cotta Italian wool, a jacket for autumn

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  2. Looks like it’ll be a useful jacket – it’s a gorgeous colour too- suits you. Nice HK seams – I’ve just done some on a skirt & didn’t remember to stitch in the ditch either! Oh well!!


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