Why sew?

Such an interesting post from Karen (and comments) here about why she sews. I found myself agreeing with much of the discussion.

Sewing is creative and practical. I love playing with the fabrics and colours and find something almost magical about conjuring a wearable item from a piece of cloth. Roisin said something similar a while ago (sorry, can’t find the exact post).

I find sewing completely absorbing and have long held the view that almost anything that absorbs your attention completely is good. As Karen says, it’s like yoga or meditation.

I also love not buying clothes. I love that you can have the colour, the fit, the fabric and the finish just as you want it

Aaah a rare wet weekend in Canberra, looks like sewing weather to me!


tmp_20140204_17554618099846872014-03-19 16.07.42


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