designing fabric, inspired by flannel flowers

Sew (so) many firsts for By Hand London………..and now their first fabric design competition!! The theme is ‘secret garden’,  so wide open to all sorts of wonderful flowery possibilities.

I thought I’d give it a go. The design I’ve submitted is based on a drawing I did of some flannel flowers. I love flannel flowers, they are an Australian native that grow in great swathes in many east coastal areas. According to Wikipedia the generic name means ‘furnished with rays’, derived from the Greek aktin-/ακτιν- ‘ray’ or ‘spoke of a wheel’ or ‘sunbeam’.

The petals are a creamy white with a furry texture (a bit like flannel – who knew!) They look lovely against a big wide blue sky. I used my Derwent aqua pencils and then manipulated the image in photo-shop. I really like the painterly quality you can get using these pencils.To work as fabric, the design needs to work when repeated. Here’s my drawing and what I ended up with.



The By Hand London ladies are gathering with coffee, cats and cake to select their favorites to be voted on. The winner get’s their fabric printed and sold! I can see a flannel flower Flora or an Anna. Are you having a go at designing your own fabric?




5 thoughts on “designing fabric, inspired by flannel flowers

    • thanks Julia, and thanks for the Liebster award! I came across it a little while ago and wondered what it was. Now I know, I’ll do my best to follow the instructions.


  1. Oh, this is very cool! And, of course the name of the flower is so perfectly suited to be made into fabric! I have painted my own fabric, but never attempted to design an actual fabric design. I always marvel at Project Runway’s pattern design episodes.


    • thanks Sue! Hand painted fabric is great, I have a very old hand painted tablecloth which I love. I don’t know about Project Runway, I must have a look. It will be interesting to see what BHL discovers, this latest venture of theirs is very exciting.


      • Project Runway is a long running US reality show. A group of fashion designers that get different challenges each week, and of course, each week one is eliminated. I really enjoy it! Hopefully you can find it on the Internet.


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