BJ made, Flora goes to Paris!

My daughter and her fiancé are heading to Europe where it is spring! Flora by hand london will suit her so well and the sew-along was perfect timing (there’s a link to the sew-along at the end of my blog). She requested, something sunny and happy. This is what I bought from Addicted to Fabric.

Flora fabric

I lined it with buttercup yellow voile. I used some ‘hug-snug’ ribbon to stabilise the cross-over faux neckline. I also used the ribbon and some snaps to add some bra stays. I think these will be good, as the shoulder straps are quite thin.

2014-03-30 14.40.53tmp_20140413_155034-493128661

I included some pockets, from the BHL Elisalex pattern, because who doesn’t love a dress with pockets. I made them in the buttercup voile, so M won’t be able to put too many sets of keys, or other heavy or sharp objects, in them. I wanted them to match the lining and also not be too heavy and distort the lines of the pretty Flora.

I used Hong Kong seams and the same yellow bias binding for the hem. Next time I’ll pick a fabric that works well on the right and wrong sides to take full advantage of the lovely dipped hem.

Flora dress pocketsflora dress, bound seams

flora dress hem


flora dress on dress formflora dress showinf lining

It’s tricky making something and not being able to try it on as you go. I had to trust my, and BHL, measurements. I think the fit is pretty good considering I didn’t make a toile or get to try it on during the make.

Here’s M trying on the finished Flora during a winterey day in Melbourne. BHL Flora BHL Flora dress

BHL Flora dress

And here she is in a rather chilly Paris, hope Venice is a bit warmer!

Flora dress

Does anyone have any tips for sewing for someone without the luxury of being able to try it on as you go? Do you have any Flora making plans? I think I’ll make myself Flora for the antipodean spring, sans the dipped hem.


9 thoughts on “BJ made, Flora goes to Paris!

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    • Thanks Kirsty, its very pretty fabric isnt it. I think she’s having a great time, chilly or not, doing the backpacking aussie trip of lots of countries, not many days in each.


    • Thanks Lizzy! And thanks for the pointer to My Messings, I could definitely do with some ideas on that score. I’d like to keep making dresses for my daughter, it is fun.


  4. Looks beautiful on her! Think you’ve persuaded me to have a go at this pattern. Your addition of the bra stay ribbons is a great idea, will definitely come back to this post if I’m brave enough to give it a try.


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