Simplicity 1653, striped ‘jaywalk’ wrap dress

Stripes, brought to the world of fashion and haute couture by Coco Chanel and loved ever since. The original Breton fisherman’s jersey, Chanel’s inspiration, had 21 blue stripes, said to be one for each of Napoleon’s sea victories. I love some of the stories behind fashion, but to the challenge………..

Tessuti’s jaywalk challenge 2014 was certainly that. It was to make an outfit from a rather lovely jersey, either ecru/natural or black/natural stripes or both.Jaywalking striped  wrap dress.jpeg I’m new to knits and very new to stripes, so this tested me.

striped wrap dress and autumn leaves

(Canberra is gorgeous in autumn).

My first attempt was a Coco in the ecru. While I was happy with it and I wear it a lot, including to work,wasn’t really competition or even blog material.

Coco top worn to work

My second attempt was using Simplicity 1653 and the black stripe jersey. I made the faux wrap dress for the Mad Men Challenge. It is always easier second time round with a pattern. I’m generally too impatient to make a muslin, but really it would make things much easier.

Because it was my second go with this pattern it was quite quick to make, though I did find the stripes very challenging to match. I pinned carefully and basted. I found the most helpful thing was to sew very slowly and pull either the top or the bottom fabric slightly to ensure the stripes matched. After fitting I trimmed to a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Such a small allowance made matching the stripes easier.

Cutting out the striped materialPiecing the stripes

Pinning the stripsGathers

Close up of dress tie

I just love this gingham look bias binding. I used some in black and white for the neckline and sleeve hemming. Here’s the dress inside out and some close-ups of the stripe matching and the twin-needles.

inside outtmp_image-1467675427tmp_image-1596310991


striped wrap dress back viewsimplicity 1653 striped dress front view

Have you checked out Tessuti’s 2014 jaywalk challenge? There are some stunning entries. Goes to show how versatile stripes are especially when paired with fabric of such beautiful quality as this jersey.

I’ve linked this post over at Sewing Saturdays, Simple Simon and Co. where you can see what other people have been sewing this week.


10 thoughts on “Simplicity 1653, striped ‘jaywalk’ wrap dress

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    • Thanks Elaine. I wasn’t sure about the sleeves, they have a bit of a 70s feel to them I think. I nearly cut them to make them skinnier but they probably work with the dress.


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