Sewaholic Cordova jacket question

A quick post to seek some advice. I finished my Cordova jacket just in time for Canberra’s icy blast. But as several bloggers have noted it does run large and I probably should have sized down, or at least reduced the shoulders. I’m thinking of trying to take some of the puffiness out of the shoulders. It would mean unpicking the lining. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Has anyone else tried this sort of retro-fitting? It’s wool/cashmere with a silk lining.

cordova jacketcordova jacket liningcordova jacket


7 thoughts on “Sewaholic Cordova jacket question

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  2. Hi Barbara, it does run big this pattern – I cut a size smaller than I normally would for my Cordova jacket and I think the sleeves are still a little too big. What a shame you might have to unpick that gorgeous lining; it sounds like a big job and perhaps whether you do it or not might depend on how expensive the fabric was, how much time you have and how much wear you might get out of your jacket if it fits better… That’s probably not much help is it?!


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