Is it possible to pack a colourful travel wardrobe?

I  enjoyed  Winnie’s colourful me-made holiday packing post. I thought something similar would help get me organised and plan a travel wardrobe.

Mostly packing advice suggests coordinating neutrals. But I’m a sewist and I love colour. Let’s see if I can make this work. For the UK and Italy, this is what I’m packing.1407569214175

Made by me:

Tessuti’s Laura pants white and blue striped linen and black denim,Tessuti’s Anita pants pink ponte, self-drafted cami red silk satin, Sewaholic Renfrew top dusty red modal,Grainline Studio tanks white linen and eyelet and navy silk, Grainline white linen Archer, Flora dress floral voile, multi-floral Simplicity maxi, green linen Hawthorn, Cordova jacket, Sewaholic Gabriola floral skirt, Zinnia cambray skirt.

Ready to wear (RTW):

Jeans, cardigans, (green and pink) T-shirt (red), scarf, bathers, sarong.

 Any fellow colour lovers have packing or travel tips?

We’re off on the long-haul flight, yay for holidays! To cope with sewing machine withdrawal I’m going to try and teach myself some embroidery. Just like sewing, the internet abounds with resources to teach yourself. I remember Debbie trying knitting while her sewing machine was in transit. I don’t think embroidery will really be a substitute for me, but it could be fun and it packs up nice and small in this natty and oh so/sew appropriate bag made for me by my sister-in-law. What do you do when you don’t have your sewing machine?

20140810_225749embroidary bag


6 thoughts on “Is it possible to pack a colourful travel wardrobe?

  1. Sounds great! I tend not to be a color person, usually playing it safe, but I feel a new me coming on. Not being a sewer I have bought some nice bright yellow knitting cotton to make a lovely top with. Maybe I will then start adding some colorful pants to go with it!


  2. In answer to your title question, I say absolutely yes one can pack a colourful travel wardrobe! And! It appears as though you’ve done very well for yourself Barbara! Now, I don’t take every colour under the rainbow when I travel, but choose a key colour and roll with it. It’s the location and weather that sets the theme for me. For example, on a recent trip to Ottawa I knew I would need a lightweight jacket, so I based my wardrobe around a colourful coral-rose squall jacket…lots of pinks, red, green and some turquoise. Everything went with everything so I was able to minimize my accessories! Have a fabulous time. Now! I must check out Winnie’s post!


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