Raw silk deliciousness-Colette Walden shirt

One things I love about sewing is the beautiful fabric you get to work with and then wear.

I have clothes in fabrics that I would be reluctant to pay for in ready-to-wear garments. I have a velvet skirt, a silk-lined cashmere jacket, yum.

Simon also has some loveliness, a few Liberty shirts. However, I think my favorite is this one, made from the most divine raw silk from Tessuti.

Here is Simon’s raw silk Walden shirt at Italian and Sons re-kindling the holiday vibe with some delicious pasta.

Colette negroni walden shirt

Not much to say about the making of this shirt. This is the second time I’ve made the Negroni Walden shirt by Colette (the first one was the Liberty). It has some nice finishes and details.

close-up raw silk negroni shirt close-up raw silk negroni shirt close-up cuff detail of raw silk negroni shirtColette negroni walden shirt

Italian and Sons business card

Do you have favorite fabrics to work with or to wear?


5 thoughts on “Raw silk deliciousness-Colette Walden shirt

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