Sewing top 5 – misses of 2014

I was a brand new blogger when I joined Gillian’s (Crafting a Rainbow) top 5 last year. I’m happy to leap in again for the 2014 #sewingtop5 hits, misses, highlights, reflections and goals.


Starting with the misses. Well they’re the easiest and there are so many contenders. So many things fighting it out for the top 5 misses of 2014. Here’s my list:

1. ‘French’ jacket


A barely wearable muslin. Despite making a muslin for the wearable muslin I still didn’t get the fit right. Also, maybe I just shouldn’t try wearing boxy. The pattern is Vogue 8991, a Claire Shaeffer jacket, details here.

Also, much as I love the Echino fabric it catches and pulls on everything. I’m still trying to find a classic French style jacket pattern that will suit me. Suggestions gratefully received.

 2. Cordova jacket


My Sewaholic Cordova jacket, details here. I wear it, but even after taking some of the puffiness out of the sleeves and taking it in a bit, its still too big. It’s nice and warm but it’s another case of a poor fit.


 3. silk nighty

Bias cut silk slip

Next, just a nighty, but a pattern of my own making. Gorgeous fabric but I think my drafting skills need work. I’m sensing a pattern here (not such a bad pun, are puns ever good?) 🙂

 4. the not velvet skirt

bamboo knit velour

And then there was the time I thought velour might substitute for velvet, aaaah no! I wanted to make a velvet maxi skirt (Gabriola), needless to say it was much better in viscose than stretchy velour. I did eventually find proper velvet, more on that in top 5 hits of 2014.

Nothing to see here, some of the velour became a scarf, some a renfrew top, the rest a wadder (I like that word, since I discovered it through the fabulous and witty writting of Mrs Mole and Anne’s Pretty Grievances, thank you ladies).

5. Silk chiffon kimono


Last, but not necessarily least awful, the ubiquitous kimono. It’s ok from a distance, and is not too bad for the beach but the hems really are a mess, details here. How often do we say that, don’t look too closely, but its certainly true here.


So here’s my top 5 misses for 2014. I’ve certainly learnt from them. Like, that I need to know more about fitting, like what velvet is and to use wonder tape when hemming silk chiffon (thanks Linda).

Do you have any misses to share?

Happy holidays and happy sewing.



10 thoughts on “Sewing top 5 – misses of 2014

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  6. Always a good time of year to reflect! Good to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t always get it right first time, think we probably learn the most from these though, about suitable shapes as much as sewing skills 🙂


    • You are certanily not the only one and you’re right, I think I’ve learnt a lot about suitable shapes this year. In fact I’m going back to a few things to try and ‘renovate’ them – not completely re-fashion just re-work them into something that fits and suits me better.

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