Sewing top 5 hits of 2014

For top sewing 5 of 2014 Gillian suggests 5 highlighting hits #sewingtop5.

Now this is harder than the misses, but here we go, 5 favorites of 2014.

barbarajanemade top 5 sewing hits

1. Floralex

barbarajanemade top 5 sewing hits

I think my favorite make was the Floralex. It has a By Hand London Flora skirt with an Elisalex bodice. This was the perfect dancing dress! I wore it to a friends wedding, it was so twirly! It was also wonderfully cool being all cotton voile.

 2. Fringed flapper frock

barbarajanemade top 5 sewing hits

 I like this dress because it’s fun. Based on the By Hand London Elisalex plus nearly 18 meters of fringing. It has yet to be tested on the dance floor, but I think it may work well, at least in a cool climate.

 3. Vintage Butterick

barbarajanemade top 5 sewing hits

Actually more formal than fun, I still really like the pattern, Butterick 5880 and I love the fabric, a coated crinkle linen.

These dresses were all made towards the end of year. I think I finally got the fit better and things like matching seams at the zips better. They are all also pretty well finished on the inside  which makes them satisfying and comfortable to wear. I do like a frock, I find them fun to make and fun to wear.

 4. Velvet maxi skirt

 barbarajanemade top 5 sewing hits

After several false starts (noted in 5 misses of 2014!) I finally got the velvet Sewaholic Gabriola maxi skirt I’d wanted. I love it and it’s got lots of wear.

5. Black denim Laura pants

barbarajanemade top 5 sewing hits

They don’t look terribly glamorous, but I’ve worn these heaps, a Tessuti pattern called Laura. Very comfortable, they go with everything, good for traveling and for work.

So here’s my favorite 5 of 2014. I think comfort, fit and finish are the things that make these hits for me. What makes something a favorite for you?

Happy holidays and happy sewing



14 thoughts on “Sewing top 5 hits of 2014

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  3. I’ve really enjoyed both your hits and misses posts! I was all set to declare your Floralex as my favourite…until I saw your velvet Gabriola! That skirt looks amazing!!

    Even if I don’t blog about it, I really should reflect back on this year’s sewing makes. I can see how it can help define key elements to look for in patterns and fabrics. I love comfort too, and I don’t like to feel weighted down (I think a velvet Gabriola might feel just too cozy for me?), and I’m sure my favourite makes will be the lighter, crisper fabrications!


    • Thanks Sue. The velvet Gabriola is very heavy. I would have liked to take it travelling, back in september but it would have taken up half the suitcase. It is luxurious, Id love velvet dress, though not sure how practical it would be. As a result of my long velvet quest i now have some red silk velvet in my stash. Its waiting for the right pattern. Ive found it really useful to reflect on the sewing year. I now have plans to rennovate/rescue/refashion some makes im not so happy with. Best wishes for the new year.


  4. Oh, well done! Loved your vintage Butterick best, well it was navy 😉 Your velvet maxi skirt looks really elegant. It’s fun and satisfying reflecting on what you’ve achieved. Fit, finish and fitting into my present wardrobe are my three musts for the coming year 🙂


    • Aah navy, I love it too. I noticed that i kept buying navy before deciding i needed to branch out a bit. Actually I’m just lowering the neckline a bit on the Butterick, think it might improve it. Are you joining in the top 5?

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