Sewing top 5 – reflections

After the hits and misses, another #sewingtop5.


This time reflections, reflections on some of things I love about sewing.

1. It’s all about the fabric. I just love beautiful fabric. That hardly makes me Robinson Crusoe among sewers and crafters. I could happily spend hours in a fabric shop dreaming of possibilities. I could also spend ages perusing fabric online, though not as many hours as in real life shops.

2014-03-16 16.26.33

Sequined Tokyo jacket

2. It’s all about the fabric. You get to wear cotton, linen, lace, velvet, silk chiffon, silk satin, crepe de chine, slinky knits, fine lawns, pretty voiles…….delicious. Impossible to go back to shop bought now.


Chiffon kimono

3. It’s all about the sewing, the process of cutting, pinning, pressing, machine sewing, hand sewing, love it all. Once complete the article is of less interest, hence too many clothes. I have been getting into a bit of re-fashioning though, mainly to make things fit better.


First ever stretch sewing (Mad Men dress)

4. Blogging about sewing is fun. I like the writing, arranging the photos and interacting with fellow sewers. It’s a wonderful way to natter about sewing when your nearest and dearest might have little interest.


First ever photo collage

5. Learning and skills. There’s a great sense of achievment and satisfaction when the zip lines up, the stripes match,  the lining is perfect and  the hemming is invisible.


Do you have any sewing or crafting related reflections for 2014?

Till next year, happy sewing.

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12 thoughts on “Sewing top 5 – reflections

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  2. Ah, such a lovely post Barbara. I agree with everything you’ve said. Even, especially, the sewing process. I’ve really come to a place where I absolutely enjoy the process, from beginning to end, including the pressing!

    Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your classic and beautiful makes in 2015!


    • Thank you Sue, very kind.

      Thats so funny about pressing, i really enjoy it these days, never would have dreamt I’d like the ironing. Happy New year as well, look forward to seeing your colourful makes.


  3. You are so right with the first point, especially when you mention you’d spend longer in a real-life fabric store than an online one. The tactile experience is missing completely from an online fabric shop, isn’t it? My favourite bit about finding a fabric you love in an actual shop is hugging it close as I make my way to the check-out. It’s so addictive!

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