Sewing top 5 – goals for the new year

tmp_18449-15343108663_0fbe099154(2)1480681915As part of Gillian’s (Crafting a Rainbow) top 5, I thought I’d have a go at top 5 goals for the year. It’s been really good reflecting on what worked and didn’t last year, in 5 tops hits , misses and reflections.These goals have grown out of the sewing successes and failures of 2014, in no particular order…..

1. Make a French jacket that fits and suits me.

I have some lovely boucle in my stash. I dare not cut into it until I find and test a pattern successfully.

barbara jane made

2. Learn to make a bag, maybe a tote or a mesenger.

I picked this up from stitch 56 ages ago and still haven’t attempted a bag.

2014-12-23 19.56.04

3. Do lots of scrap-busting, maybe make some undies.

I can’t bear to throw out scraps, particulary Liberty, how good would Liberty undies be! I’m sure some of you already enjoy the luxury. Anyone have any pattern suggestions?

Liberty print4. Learn how to adjust patterns to fit well.

I’ve started an online Burda course, must apply myself and finish it 🙂

5. Have fun looking for gorgeous fabric but try not to grow the stash too much.

This one might be tricky, a contradiction all wrapped up in a goal, oh well. I love persusing Tessuti’s website to see what new loveliness they have and calling in whenever I head to Melbourne. I loved visiting All Moda in Brisbane. It’s unlikely I’ll get there again this year, but I can alway look through their regular ‘snippets’ and dream.

So my sewing goals for 2015. No doubt a dress or 5 will get a look in as well. I’ve seen so many lovely Moneta’s around (like Rachels of Sew South London and Naomi Molly’s on Instagram), I will probably give one a try once the weather turns a bit cooler.

I’m also joining Sarah’s (Goodbye Valentino) ready-to-wear fast for 2015. I didn’t buy any ready-to-wear last year, so it should be do-able this year, as well as fun being part of the group of fasters.

Oh and I’d really like to slow my sewing down, as Ann on the Great British Sewing Bee said, ‘slow down and enjoy the process’. I think that’s more than 5 ………..

Do you have sewing or crafting goals?

Happy sewing!

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