Japanese beauty – Nani Iro top (+ mittens for koalas, update)

More beautiful fabric from Japan!  This is such a lovely and subtle design.  A delicate drawing with a bold stripe along one border. Here’s some close-ups including the name from the selvedge, Nani Iro by Naomi Ito.

It’s fairly heavy cotton, like a quilting cotton.

Nani Iro fabric

There’s some stunning work on the interwebs using Nani Iro fabric.  What about the dress Debbie made for her daughter? beautiful! Would love to check out some Nani Iro fabric in a gauze in real life.

Nani Iro fabric

There was only a metre but enough for a sleeveless top. Similar to the Japanese print dress I made for Lynne previously. It has flat felled seams and is finished with self made bias round the neck and arms and purchased bias for the side splits.

I tested pockets, though Lynne preferred the top without. I think she’s right, what do you think?



Barbara jane made Nani Iro topBarbara jane made Nani Iro topBarbara jane made Nani Iro topBarbara jane made Nani Iro top

How lovely is this Nani Iro fabric?

Oh and I’ve added a new page to the little blog – BJ works in progress or what’s on my sewing table. If you’re ever curious have a look, maybe we’re working on the same pattern (or fabric)!

One more thing..anyone else in Aus making paw protectors for koalas burnt in the bushfires? See the story here, the International Fund for Animal Welfare has asked volunteers to make cotton paw protectors to put over bandages of koalas burnt in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and I guess now Western Australia.

A mittens update (13 Jan)! Thousands have been sent from all over the world. The fund now have enough and anyone still interested in assisting is asked for pouches for other animals affected by the fires.


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18 thoughts on “Japanese beauty – Nani Iro top (+ mittens for koalas, update)

  1. Wow, I love the top! That fabric is just divine. Nani iro produces the most beautiful prints. I think I like it without the pockets too although the pockets are interesting. It looks fabulous in the pictures 🙂


  2. Fabulous top. Looks good both ways although I am a little partial to the sleek look of pocketless.

    Nice to “meet” you Barbara. Anne of Pretty Grievances has paired us in the sabertooth swap. How exciting. I can see we have things in common already. I am a BeaJay. Beverley Jones and I am partial to a glass or two of the liquid sustenance you are holding in your pictures there.

    I’ll send an email with details.

    How exciting!


  3. What a great top. That fabric is beautiful. Those Nani Iro prints are always so unique and amazing. I actually like the top both ways. I love it without the pockets – and probably, this is a sleeker look that I’d wear in real life. But I also really love the look of the pockets with the unmatched stripes. It’s the mismatched lines that adds interest for me. A winner both ways I’d say.


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