A not so wearable muslin and patterns for a long dress

This was meant to be wearable, but oh it’s not.

I’m trying out potential patterns for a wedding dress for my daughter.

Barbara Jane made Vogue 8150

I think this Vogue 8150 is a lovely pattern. V8150, Misses' DressMaybe I can use the pattern for a mother-of-the bride dress.

All that ruching, should have been beautiful and soft but insead it’s stiff and adds bulk to the waist just where it’s not needed. I did learn something from this muslin. You really need to make a muslin in as similar as possible fabric to what you have in mind for the finished dress. The fabric I used is a not so lovely poly-taffeta.

It’s the ruching that let this muslin down. It really needs to be made from a chiffon or georgette, then in theory it won’t look so puffy. Maybe I can salvage the skirt for something……….??

Barbara Jane made Vogue 8150

After looking at possible muslin fabric that was more like the silk I have in mind for the real deal, it was going to cost nearly as much as the real deal. Sooooo I bought the real stuff and launched in…

At least I think hope I’ve worked out the Vogue sizing. We’ve also worked out from this muslin, and from visiting a bridal shop or two, that what we want is:

  • long
  • close-fitting though the waist
  • something that enables a bra with shoulder straps to be worn
  • ruching nice, but not essential.

This time with Vogue 8997.V8997, Misses' Dress I’m going to attempt the ruching from Vogue 8150 on the fitted bodice of 8997. Am I crazy? Any tips before I try this………………?Perhaps if it all goes horribly wrong I’ll be able to cut it off at the knees and dye it………………..pink, green, anything but white.

Cutting out the silk crepe/satin and silk georgette…..yikesBarbara Jane made silk

Barbara Jane made silk

Barbara Jane made Vogue 8997

Bodice of V8997 that I’ll see if I can add ruching to.


Wish me luck…….

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14 thoughts on “A not so wearable muslin and patterns for a long dress

  1. It will take some time – finding the right pattern and the right fabric – but you can do it! I made my wedding dress, way back when I just started to sew. I bought absolutely beautiful fabric and a simple easy to sew pattern and it worked out perfectly! I should put some photos on my blog – not of me wearing it, of course! (I can’t get into it anymore!!)


  2. I’m sorry your muslin didn’t turn out well! I love the first pattern you used (Vogue 8150)–is the ruching not tacked down to the bodice or secured at all? I’ll be so interested to see how the ruching on the second bodice works out.


    • hi Anelise, the ruching is sewn into the side seams. I think, because it’s quite thick material it sticks out more than it should. With the next one I’m using silk chiffon. I’m going to try hand sewing to the seams to check the look and then decide what to do from there. Hopefully being chiffon it will sit better.


  3. Ahhhhh scary stuff! I hope it works out OK in the end. You’re brave plunging straight in but I suppose I too wouldn’t want to mess around with another muslin especially if it’s going to cost near enough the same in fabric. Take your time… And good luck!!


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