Maybe Mandy: the tale of three tees

A bit of blogging catch-up here, some summer tee shirts.

If only I’d read Melanie’s Mandy tee post before I cut out my first one. Then I might have measured the one size pattern and realised the sleeves were going to be too small for me.

Mmm, so here’s my first Mandy boat tee (a free pattern from Tessuti) with the sleeves cut off. I could try and pretend I meant to make a capped sleeve tee, but that would be a lie.wpid-wp-1419853325873.jpeg


The fabric I stumbled upon, at A2F as a pre-cut. It’s a really fine Italian mercerised* cotton knit. It has a very subtle jacquard pattern.

For my second and third versions, I made the sleeves wider and made the body a bit more shapely.

Here’s the pattern showing the modification to take it in a bit at the waist. Also my pattern weights – rocks made lovely and smooth by the sea

Barbarajanemade Mandy boat tee

Barbarajanemade Mandy boat tee

Here are my next two Mandy’s, both knits from a Tessuti sale.

Mandy tee’s worn with linen Laura and ponti Anita pants, both Tessuti patterns.




Selvedge and raw hems - easy!

Selvedge and raw hems – easy!

Maybe it’s not Mandy anymore.

Mandy or not,  I think it might become my go to knit top pattern.

Have you modified the Mandy? Do you have a go to t-shirt pattern?


* Named after John Mercer, the process strengthens and makes the (typically cotton) threads more lustrous (thanks wikipedia, I love learning about fabric)!



11 thoughts on “Maybe Mandy: the tale of three tees

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  2. Your tops all look great! and it’s wonderful to have a pattern that you’ve modified to suit you perfectly.
    Funny thing, I recognised that tangerine fabric immediately, because I made an ensemble for my daughter for Christmas 2013 from that very same fabric!


    • Thanks Carolyn, I’m pretty happy with the Mandy. I’ll have to check out what you made, if it’s on your blog. How did you find it wore? Must say I was a bit disappointed, it pilled slightly with some wash and wear, unusual for tessuti fabric.


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