Using scraps – silk chiffon

I adored this silk chiffon, but my silk kimono made it to my top 5 misses for 2014 (and there was some stiff competition). It was all down to the wonky hems.

Linda (nice dress! Thanks I made it) suggested stabilising the hems with something like wonder tape. Well, it worked a treat. I made a top with the left-overs from the kimono.

Here’s the hems, stabilised with a tiny strip of wonder tape. The tape is fuesable both sides. I cut in half lengthwise. It was a bit tricky using the iron to fuse it, best to turn the steam off first ☺. It basically gums the hem to the body of the garment, making a small hem quite do-able without the silk chiffon getting eaten by the machine.

Barbara jane made silk chiffon top

Barbara jane made silk chiffon top

The top is loosely based on Tessuti’s Mandy boat tee, three more of them here!

Barbara jane made silk chiffon top

Barbara jane made silk chiffon toptmp_3925-image-634142963Barbara jane made silk chiffon top

Do you use the scraps of your favorite fabrics? Are you like me, can’t bear to through them out?

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14 thoughts on “Using scraps – silk chiffon

  1. I have loads of remnant pieces that I can’t throw out but never get around to sewing. In my mind they will become scarves or interesting mixed fabric blouses. Like I say…in my mind!


  2. That is beautiful fabric, I wouldn’t want to waste a bit of it! (Ah gee, thanks for the mention! Glad it worked out!). I save everything almost, especially after I found a free pattern called “Polly top”. It is a tank top made with colour blocking so I am saving my scraps now for that. I haven’t made it yet, but I certainly have enough fabric saved up for half a dozen!


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