Is too much leopard ever enough?

barbara jane made jungle january renfrew top

Hello there, how’s your weekend going?

This t-shirt is the haul from the great jungle January safari swap organised by Anne of Pretty Grievances.

My safari buddy was BeaJay from the Road to Sew Wear. She sent me this lovely jersey.

(Check out what BeaJay made with the fabric I sent her. It’s a rather lovely top, though she is planning some modifications to it.)

barbara jane made jungle january renfrew top

There’s so much going on with this amazing fabric that I thought I’d keep it simple.

This is a Renfrew top, v-neck. Something went wrong with the neck band though, so I ended up turning it over and securing it with a twin needle. The bands at the sleeves and waist worked well. I’m very happy with this jungle january top.

barbara jane made jungle january renfrew top
I haven’t taken part in a fabric swap before. It’s good fun. BeaJay sent me a fabric I probably wouldn’t have chosen and at first I didn’t have any idea what I’d do with it.

barbara jane made jungle january renfrew top

By the end of the make though I completely loved the fabric. This t-shirt has got tons of wear and BeaJay and I have discovered we have very similar tastes in fabric.barbara jane made jungle january renfrew top

barbara jane made - artwork details

I’m standing in the midst of some of Canberra’s public art.

BeaJay was very generous and I have tons of fabric left. What do you think of a jumpsuit? I’m thinking narrow legs. Or would that be just too much leopard going on?

Have you ever done the fabric swap thing and been surprised?

It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I end up with a favorite to wear. Thanks Anne for organising and thanks BeaJay for going on safari with me.


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15 thoughts on “Is too much leopard ever enough?

    • It is amazing fabric. Isn’t Canberra public art great, mind you some is a bit easier to pose next to than other of it. I like the the giant bogong moth but it’s in the middle a 6 lane road.


  1. Love it and it is great with your colouring. Glad you are enjoying wearing it. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the rest. I have a few metres of this fabric too so I am eager to make it up after seeing your top.


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