Luxe fabric : a sandwashed silk button-up shirt

Hi there folks, this is a story of travel and luxe fabric.

Not my travel unfortunately or my luxe fabric, but hey, I get to live vicariously and play with the beautiful sandwashed silk*.


On one of her many travels (me jealous? mmm just a bit) Gail scoured the fabric shops of Singapore and came home with some divine sandwashed silk.wpid-wp-1427249147893.jpeg

There are so many fabric shops, but Gail’s sleuthing skills came to the fore. It may not have been the cheapest but I’m betting it’s amongst the best.

This shirt is based on an Archer button-up shirt (a Grainline pattern). Helped along by:



The luscious sandwashed silk is not an easy fabric to work with. Like many silks it frays like crazy, slips and slides everywhere. It’s also unforgiving.

With a Liberty tana lawn you can have a few attempts to get something right. The fabric recovers and no-one is any the wiser. A busy print also hides a multitude of sins.

As usual nice buttons are so hard to find, these are ok but not wonderful.wpid-20150324_124516.jpg

With this silk you have to get it right first time. Any pucker would be immediately obvious, as would any unpicking.

I think sandwashed silk has to be one of my favorites for looks and wear, even if it’s not my favorite to work with. Have you got a favourite fabric? Is it different for the finished garment compared to sewing it?

I was so glad  to find Andreas’ collar tutorial. It’s much easier than the order of construction I’ve used before and I think, a pretty flawless collar, if I do say so myself 🙂barbara jane made shirt collar.jpg
The beauty of the fabric more than made up for its difficult handling. I quite fancy a sandwashed silk shirt for myself now. And a trip to Singapore.

After I’d done this collar I read Tasia’s collar how to from David Page Coffin’s Shirtmaking book. Some great tips to have your collar sit well. I’ll definitely use them on my next shirt.

Anyone got other shirt-making tips or resources? Pls let me know.

I really enjoyed making this shirt. Gail is happy with it too.

Happy sewing,

barbara jane made signature

* with sandwashing the silk is treated to give it an even softer suede-like texture,it’s incredibly soft and drapes beautifully.




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