Unseasonal sewing : Marrimeko Sophie dress

I had big plans for an autumn Tessuti Sophie dress but mmm I made a spring version. The leaves are starting to turn gorgeous colours here in Canberra, so why not make um a dress for spring?


Marrimeko from the stash

I really wanted another Sophie dress but I was keen to shop my stash, this Marrimeko fabric has been lurking for a while. I got it in Melbourne, the Marrimeko shop had just opened.

Back when I lived in Darwin (and before I became obsessed with sewing) I used to buy clothes from a very talented lady who used heaps of Marrimeko. It was perfect for the Darwin climate, where really anything other than 100% cotton is unwearable.

Now I’m a sewist I still have a hankering for the amazing large-scale Marrimeko designs, though it would be wonderful if they came with a little more drape. The Melbourne Marrimeko shop sells ready to wear in lovely fabric but the fabric they sell is essentially for the home decorator.


Always easier the second time. This was a quick make. The most time-consuming part was making sure the tree was upright. Pattern matching mattered. I did better on the front than the back where I was running low on options.

Barbarajanemade waist seam Marrimeko Sophie dress

front waist seam


Barbara Jane made Sophie dress

back seam

Barbara Jane made Marrimeko Sophie dress.jpeg

Barbara Jane made Sophie dress

single lapel detail

Sleeveless Sophie in Sydney

Fine for a Sydney autumn, not quite so crash hot for Canberra. Especially today, an early winter?!  wpid-2015-04-20-14.45.26.jpg.jpeg I don’t think this dress will be getting another run anytime soon.

Barbara Jane made Marrimeko Sophie dress, Sydney opera house.jpeg

Barbara Jane made Marrimeko Sophie dress.jpeg

Barbara Jane made Marrimeko Sophie dress.jpeg

Anyone else indulging in seasonally inappropriate sewing?


wpid-wp-1429437497483.jpegwpid-wp-1429437537360.jpegBarbara Jane made Marrimeko Sophie dress.jpgwpid-wp-1429436176350.jpegbarbara jane made signature

See also hot pink linen Sophie dress.

I thought I’d give Me Made May a go for the first time this year, so:

I, Barbara of Barbara Jane made sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2015.

Are you participating in MMM this year?

Reading how other people go, it sounds like a good way to work out what gaps you have in your MM wardrobe as well as a bit of fun to encourage you to make the most of your MM wardrobe and to re-fashion and repair. I’m getting more and more into re-fashioning and really enjoying that. Good luck if you are joining in.

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20 thoughts on “Unseasonal sewing : Marrimeko Sophie dress

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  5. Definitely unseasonable at the moment. I love the fabric and this pattern is rather tempting. My daughter is an architecture student madly in love with all things Marrimeko.


  6. LOVE your dress! So, so gorgeous! The fabric drape, or lack of, really works well with this pattern! Well…it’s settled. You need to travel to the northern hemisphere this summer so you can get more wear outta this beauty of a dress!

    I’m in for MMM15 again for my second year. I learned a lot last year, and really enjoyed the process. Will I see you on Flickr?


    • of course! why didn’t I think of that. I just need an endless holiday and an endless summer to fit the wardrobe. I’ll let the Mr know. I’ve got minimal involvement on Flickr, is that the go for MMM?


  7. What a fab print Barbara! And I love how you’ve placed the pattern too. The fabric suits the design perfectly, even if you’ll have to stash it away for a while. You can look forward to unpacking it the other end 🙂


  8. Oh my, I absolutely love this dress on you Barbara! I am contemplating some seasonally inappropriate sewing this morning with the new Tessuti Ola tunic and some Thai double gauze…but today was only 15 degrees in Melbourne!


    • Thank you Lara! Ola and gauze sounds lovely and entirely unseasonal. It’s really cold in canberra here this evening, wearing that dress seems so long ago and it was only yesterday.


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