Marcy Tilton blue doors art teacher dress

Hello there!

here’s something a little unusual for me. This is my first Marcy Tilton pattern, Vogue 8904.

I’m not sure if it’s me, maybe, maybe not. At the very least, it sure is comfy (and warm).

The pattern describes the dress as a ‘close-fitting, pullover dress has self neck binding, tiers, and raw edge finish.’ Marcy’s designs for Vogue often have interesting lines, asymmetry and unusual use of fabrics. She describes her designs as pieces that work well together for everyday wear. The Mcalls blog lists Marcy as one of their ‘art-teacher chic’ designers.

Barbara jane made Marcy Tilton dress.jpeg

It is a fabric hungry dress, because it’s basically 2 layers. That makes it warm.

You tile the top layers on to the base, starting at the bottom. When they are all attached, treat both layers as one, to make up the dress. No darts, no fastenings.

The pieces are cut as single layer and I didn’t follow what I guess is the convention, have the wrong side facing down. As a result my side seams don’t match nicely. It would be a problem in many fabrics but luckily with this one, it’s not a huge issue.

Barbara jane made Marcy Tilton dress.jpeg

Both fabrics are from the stash, a blue tencel*for the base and sleeves and ponti for the tiers. These need no finishing, so easy and interesting. Here’s a close-up of the inside of the dress and the top of one tier, that is then covered by the bottom of the tier above it.





Does it make it as ‘art-teacher chic’ as described by, ‘fashion-y but not overdone, with modest shoes’? Definitely wearing those in these photos, though I think of them as my ‘walk to work through the grasslands say hello to the kangaroos shoes’.

Barbara jane made Marcy Tilton dress.jpeg

The neck is finished with a self-binding. Sewn by hand to the inner layer .

Have you tried the art teacher chic look?wpid-wp-1416914881036[1]

Barbara jane made Marcy Tilton dress.jpeg


* Tencel has a lovely soft feel to it and is made of bleached wood pulp.




26 thoughts on “Marcy Tilton blue doors art teacher dress

  1. What cool fabric! And you’ve used it really well here; I love how it’s broken at different angles by the pattern. Art teacher chic…that’s a great concept, and I think without knowing it that’s often what I’m going for.


  2. I meant to say to you at sewing that this looked great. I wish I had as I didn’t realise how intricate it is with it’s layering. I think you work this very well!


    • Thank you. The various tiers should match at the side seams and they would have done if Id cut them out with the right side of the fabric facing down. Because they’re not symetrical they couldnt just be flipped around. I sort of made it work, though its a bit wonky. The fabric hides the problems luckily ☺


  3. You’re dress looks great and I love the fabric you used! I’ve made this pattern before and do love it. I’m a big Marcy Tilton fan. Seeing you’re version makes me want to make another!


  4. I have seen this dress made up many times but I have never been sure about the construction. Thanks for sharing all the details. It sure must be a lovely warm and comfy dress. Love how you have added contrasting sleeves. Nicely styled too with your leggings and comfy walking to work shoes. Another pattern to add to my wish list.


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