Badgley Mischka dress (Vogue 1399)

I wanted to make this dress ever since I saw Tomato and Jasmine’s version.

It is Badgley Mischka Vogue 1399

whoa, that sun is bright, I’m starring straight at it…. but anyway here’s the dress…

Barbara Jane made Badgley Mischka Vogue1399.jpeg

I like wearing dresses but it’s not always easy to find a winter one. This one fits the bill.

Barbara Jane made Badgley Mischka Vogue1399.jpeg

Even though it’s sleeveless, I used a nice heavy ponti (from Addicted to Fabric). It’s full lined (with a new to me, stretch lining!) and that makes it comfy, easy to wear and warm. It may not cut it for a Canberra winter, but for Sydney or Melbourne, it would be fine.

Barbara Jane made Badgley Mischka Vogue1399.jpg

Mmmm, that invisible zip needs a couple of lines of stitching closer to the zip teeth. Photos in the bright sun are useful…Barbara Jane made Badgley Mischka Vogue1399.jpegI surprised myself, I like the peplum. I think, in this case, it actually does accentuate the waist, not just the hips 🙂

Barbara Jane made Badgley Mischka Vogue1399.jpgI think there’s something to be said for a pattern by some of America’s top designers. I’m going to be trying more. I’ve got my eye on another Badgley Mischka and also an Issey Miyake.  Do you have a favourite?


Barbara Jane made Badgley Mischka Vogue1399.jpeg
The princess seams make fitting of this dress fairly easy. Being a ponti the seams, other than the lining, didn’t need finishing. There is a bit of top stitching, which the pattern has as a single line of stitching but I did with the twin needle.

Happy accident?

I completely mucked up the kick pleat though. I somehow ended up with an unsightly gap and not an elegant kick pleat. I think it ended as a happy accident though. I cut the dress off above the offending pleat making it much shorter than intended. I didn’t end up making the belt, because wearing a belt would make it shorter again, eeek!Badgley mischka dress bjmade.jpeg


I think, though, that it works and actually balances the design quite nicely. What do you think? Do you ever have happy sewing accidents? Do share.

I’m definitely going to make this pattern again. Next time I’ll really try to get the kick pleat right.



25 thoughts on “Badgley Mischka dress (Vogue 1399)

    • Thanks Gabrielle! Not a difficult sew. It hasn’t had a whole lot of wear, dont have that many fancy occasions 😦 but i am making a summery version that might be wedding wear suitable 🙂


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  3. Wow, I really like this on you. I think the shorter length is quite balanced, but as a mature woman I understand how shorter hemlines can take you out of the comfort zone.


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  5. I like this dress. The shape is really flattering on you and the peplum is a nice detail (and I love working with ponte). What was the stretch lining you used and where did you get it? I am thinking of making some ponte Mabel skirts and I thought lining them might stop them sticking to my tights.


    • Thanks Jean. I got the lining from Addicted to Fabric here in Canberra. It’s acetate with a bit of spandex, it’s bit more expensive than the straight acetate.


  6. The dress looks great on you! and what a happy sewing accident indeed, I like it in this length with the peplum, it’s very cool! I have not been as lucky with my sewing accidents so far but I feel very happy already when I am able to savage enough fabric from the “accident” garment to make another (smaller) item.
    Thanks for the link to my blog:-)


  7. Oh wow! This is a cracker make, Barbara! That peplum is the perfect length and height on you (and I am totes anti peplum but this is magic!) Such a gorgeous make!


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