Ralph, a UFO no more

Last year when the mercury hit 38 degrees (100 F), the Ralph Rucci coat (Vogue 1419) became a UFO (unfinished object).

I started the sew-a-long, run by McCalls (along with Lauren, LLadybird). I even made a muslin! shock horror.

That was last summer. Now the frosts have started and there’s snow in them tha Brindabellas …..the Ralph Rucci coat is finally finished.

It had it’s first outing at Canberra’s FashFest, generally a chilly night. Also wearing other me-mades, Bradgely Miscka dress and Simon is wearing his favourite Liberty shirt.

Ralph Rucci coat V1419 BJmade.jpg

The fabric is the most divide brocade from Tessuti. It’s very thin, but as wool with a shiny coating, it’s very warm.wpid-wp-1432420645010.jpeg

The coat has an interesting shape, that I quite like. It makes it quite a dressy coat. Here’s what Vogue says about it:

Fitted, unlined, A-line coat has funnel neckline, welt pockets, seam detail, darted upper and bias lower sleeves, underarm gusset, no shoulder or side seams, binding for pockets and armholes, and back button belt. Ralph Rucci coat V1419 BJmade.jpegmmm I think maybe these lovely real metal button might be too heavy for the belt…but I do love them more than the plastic ones I had first picked out. Ralph Rucci coat V1419 BJmade.jpegRalph Rucci coat V1419 BJmade.jpegOne of the features of the coat is the bound seams. I like bound seams as a finish. These I did in chartreuse silk dupion. Perhaps not the best choice, something more co-ordinated with the coat would have made mistakes easier to hide. I had lots of fun making the bias in a continuous loop, there were good instructions on how to do that, a good trick to learn.wpid-20150608_132352.jpg

Ralph Rucci coat V1419 BJmade.jpegI dipped out on all the coat’s features though. I didn’t make the welt pockets or the bound button holes. Really I just wanted to get the coat finished.  Ralph Rucci coat V1419 BJmade.jpeg


Does anyone else have UFOs lurking? Any plans for them? Happy stitching.



26 thoughts on “Ralph, a UFO no more

  1. What a special jacket. Hooray you got it out of the UFO pile in time for fashfest! Usually I am a one project girl but at the moment I seem to have a few things on the go. Hopefully see you at sewing on Saturday.


    • Thanks Kirsty. It was good for FashFest, though this years seemed to be better heated than last year. I usually like to have a few things on the go, though it gets messy and things get forgotten. I cant make it to CBR sewing this week 😦 but I won’t be missing frocktails!


  2. The coat looks great and I love the fabric. Good job for kicking your UFO to the curb and debuting it at such a great event! I have MANY UFOs lurking in a bin in my closet from my first few months of sewing…


    • Thanks Claire! It does feel good to knock of a UFO, especially if the fabric is a favorite. I can relate to UFOs from early forays into sewing, not always salvageable for me.


  3. You guys look great, and I am envious you have such a cool event to showcase your me-mades at:-)
    The coat looks like a very versatile piece that you can dress up or dress down, and the fabric is gorgeous! I only have one UFO at the moment – though my attention is ever attracted to new projects, once I make myself go back to the UFO I am usually quite happy to finish it – and it always feel like a bonus that it is already finished part way!


  4. Your coat is gorgeous. I love the fabric!

    I try not to have UFO’s because I like to finish what I start before moving on to something else. I have lost my mojo for my current project and it is limping along slowly but I am determined to finish it even if in 1 hour bites.


  5. I’m so happy you pulled this out of your UFO pile Barbara! It’s gorgeous! It’s very elegant, and the little pops of chartreuse are a perfect little accent! I can totally understand why you ditched this with 38 degree temps outside. I always try and tell myself to sew for the season that’s coming, so my clothing can be ready to wear, but it’s a challenge. So, to sew for the completely opposite season would be impossible. I think the buttons are fine on the back placket by the way. Plastic ones could not do this coat justice.

    I don’t think I have any sewing UFO’s in my basket. Once I get going on sewing, I tend to finish them up…if I’m not loving it, I’ll finish in a sloppy make-do fashion though. 😦 I do have several upcycles, alterations that have been languishing forever though. I don’t honestly know if I’ll ever get to them.

    PS I’ve been wearing a lovely, lovely red dress quite a bit, :)….lots of compliments. I just need to take some photographs and get it on the blog! xo


    • Thanks Sue. Oh yes upcycles, mine can often languish, as new shiny things come along. Red dress!! Definitely the right season for you. Look forward to seeing it.


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