The wallpaper dress – Vogue 8997 – what not to do

I originally had this dress in mind for Canberra frocktails, but then another new shiny frock came along, hello Badgley Miscka!

The fabric

In Melbourne a while back, I stumbled across a shop selling Alannah Hill seconds. Literally stumbled, it was raining, I was on my way to The Fabric Store and ducked in to escape the shower. It also had the ends of fabric rolls!! What fun. I think many Melbournites have known about this place for ages but for me it was a bit of a find.

I don’t know what Alannah made with this fabric, hopefully it wasn’t wallpaper, though on second thoughts ………….wpid-wp-1433739505118.jpeg

I thought hey, that will make a fancy-pants frock. It’s a heavy gold brocade with black flock, very like wallpaper, and about as much drape.

The frock

I bought the Vogue 8997 pattern for another occasion (dress disaster, packet of RiT dye, and the sorry tale for another post). This dress was a test run for the ‘disaster dress’.

I think this one wasn’t a disaster because the fabric is very sturdy, with no drape to speak of. It could (just) cope with the v-neck, which on ‘disaster dress’ was stretched out of shape and did not play nicely.

Here’s some pics of the wallpaper dress taken in the National Gallery sculpture garden, before the Antarctic vortex descended.



Modifications and what I learnt:

I deepened the v-neck because it was a bit frumpy. As I should have known, and now do, this can make a neckline gap and not sit nicely. I can just get away with it because the fabric is so sturdy, but in the ‘disaster dress’ it was, well, a disaster.

I had a lot of trouble getting the v-shaped seam under the bodice to sit well. There seemed to be too much fabric there. I reduced it a bit but it’s still a bit ‘puffy’. ‘Wallpaper fabric’ has the definite advantage of hiding a lot 🙂

I didn’t check the length,before I cut. Another what not to do. Usually standard patterns are just the right length for me straight out of the packet. For a really elegant dress I think it would be better floor length. It’s ok this length though and walking is easy. It has a nice swish to it. I wore it to the Opera House last weekend and had no trouble with all the stairs, no need to have a handful of skirt in one hand as you walk.

Have you ever made a dress that would blend nicely with the wallpaper 🙂wpid-2015-07-21-16.01.05.jpg.jpeg



See also Vicki’s very pretty summery version.



23 thoughts on “The wallpaper dress – Vogue 8997 – what not to do

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  2. Gorgeous. That really suits you.

    I *love* that fabric. Now I want to copy you!! Maybe a trip to look at Alannah Hill fabric is in order!!!


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