Jenna oh Muse

This make was inspired by Sue’s 3 (not one)! lovely Jenna cardigans, all so different. You can see them here, here and here.

barbara jane made Muse Jenna cardi

mmm, how hard is it to photograph dark fabric?? It’s really a lovely fluffy multi-hued deep navy.

The Jenna pattern is by Muse from NZ. Nice to be able to support a company from down-under.

It is described as ‘a fitted, round neck, button-up cardigan with two length options (hip or waist length), three sleeve options (long, 3/4, or short), and optional shoulder yoke detailing.’barbara jane made Muse Jenna cardi.jpeg

I chose the hip length, with long sleeves and sans the yoke detailing.

The fabric is a fluffy blue wool/something mix. I love the idea of sewing a cardigan, as opposed to knitting a cardigan or (obviously) buying a cardigan!

Mind you, I think I might have been bitten by the knitting bug. Check these out. Made with ‘sock wool’, self-striping, knit 2 at once on magic needles, amazing! Sock wool, whoodathunkit!wpid-wp-1441342029473.jpg

Back to Jenna. She was a really nice fit,  straight out of the packet (or off the printer, more to the point) no adjustments needed. The bands for the buttons and to finish the sleeves and hem work well. I also really like the round neck.

I bought buttons, took ages choosing them but…..bottonholes of doom. I think the fabric was just too thick. I just could not get the dear PFAFF to perform. I ended up with large snap fasteners which work fine and (maybe) even look better.wpid-20150906_100505.jpg

I do love a cardi, so handy for layering.

A snuggly and versatile winter wardrobe addition, in time for spring….Mind you spring can be chilly (and windy) here in the capital. barbara jane made Muse Jenna cardi.jpeg

barbara jane made Muse Jenna cardi.jpg

I’m going to check out more Muse patterns. I like the look of the Gillian wrap dress, has anyone tried that?

See also:

barbara jane made Muse Jenna cardi.jpegThis fabric an impulse buy from the Tessuti sale 🙂 I didn’t know what I was going to make with it. I had enough left over for a cropped T-shirt/jumper. It’s been a handy addition to the work wardrobe. Good to wear over long sleeves. This is based on the Liesel and Co Maritime T that I’ve made before.

How good is it to have enough fabric left over for  a whole other item ?  Guess it happens when you buy too much….oh well….happy stitching  🙂



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