BJmade! Morris blazer in Japanese cotton

This is Grainline’s Morris blazer, just right for spring or autumn or fall.Barbara jane made Morris blazer.jpeg

I’ve read a few posts about issues with the front facing. I came prepared to battle it into submission. I didn’t interface it at all. That seemed to be the cause of some of the problems. I thought as I was using quite a heavy  cotton with no stretch, maybe wasn’t needed, or maybe it would be worse…………

I used Hong Kong binding for the centre back seam because you see it every time you take the jacket off. I do like it as a seam finish and I just happened to have some poly-ribbon in a colour that was perfect for my fabric.Barbara jane made.jpg

Barbara jane made.jpg

I added a button to keep the blazer from flying open in Canberra’s  breezy excessively windy spring weather. This amazing button is from Buttons, Buttons, Buttons in Sydney.

In the end I don’t have any trouble with the front facing. Maybe being forwarned helped, but for me it behaved well and sat nicely.

What’s on your between season sewing table?

Barbara jane made Morris blazer.jpg

Barbara jane made Morris blazer.jpegDetails

What I like: the casual vibe, the bound seam, the fabric.

Not so much: The rolled collar mostly works well, expect right at the back of the  where I couldn’t hide the raw edges on the inside without pulling things out of shape. A bit of a shame  because it doesn’t fit with the Hong Kong seam.

Modifications: the fabric I used had no stretch , I didn’t interface and I added a button.

Fabric: Japanese cotton from Addicted to Fabric

Pattern: Morris Blazer, Grainline patterns

Worn here with: a MG and last years Coco dress re-fashioned to a skirt

See also gorgeous Morris blazers by Helen, Lizzy, Lara and Jean.Barbara Jane made.jpg


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