Pineapple jeans

Oh yes.

That’s right.

These are pineapple jeans.barbarajanemade pineapple jeansbarbarajanemade pineapple jeans.jpeg


Are the pockets dotty?

You betcha.wpid-wp-1444184027128.jpg

Are they lairy? wpid-wp-1444720240089.jpeg

why yes they are!


This is my fourth version of Closet Case Files jeans. O hang on, the third was a skirt. The actual jeans are here and here.



I can’t  claim these are all my own inspiration, ever since I got a peak of this fabric that Kirsty had, I couldn’t get the idea of pineapple jeans out of my head.

I was going to A2F just for a zip……… you know the story, there was the fabric, just a bit left on the roll……


Still haven’t quite got this top-stitching down. I top-stitched this in cotton, not sure why I chose cotton ( I think it was a pretty colour)  ………. the right side is ok, which I guess is the main thing, but underneath are several ugly nests and some of the cotton poking through. I think I need to research the needle, thread, fabric combos more.

Do you have any advice? Any combos that work for you?


In the meantime, doesn’t  everyone need some pineapple jeans?

happy stitching!

Especially if you’re  making pineapple jeans 🙂


barbara jane made pineapple jeans.jpg


21 thoughts on “Pineapple jeans

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  2. Love! Love! Love! These jeans are so much fun Barbara! My machine is fussy about top stitching too. I usually use regular thread in the bobbin and top stitching on top. Sometimes I get good results, sometimes, not so much! Of course…with a fun patterned fabric like these pineapples, you don’t really see the stitching anyways.

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  3. Wow! these certainly are statement jeans. Having never made jeans before, I can’t offer any advice on the top stitching. However these look fabulous, the fit is really good and I love the way you have styled them with coordinated tee, shoes and garden bench. I’m sure these jeans will bring you lots of joy.


  4. I love top stitching, it’s fun! I’ve found increasing the stitch length & top tension works. As I can never find a ‘top stitching’ needle where I live, I use a denim needle and upholstery thread. Seems to work well most of the time.

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