BJMade! Anna’s garden top (Alabama Chanin)

I read somewhere, Alabama Chanin style stitching can be addictive. It is indeed, quite soothing and meditative. Something I can do when I’m too tired to cut out or machine sew.wpid-wp-1429077327995.jpeg

The design is loosely based on the Anna’s garden stencil from this book:


I used a very low tech stencil – a A4 photocopy, that I then traced with tailors chalk or a disappearing fabric pen and moved it around as I went, somewhat randomly.barbara jane made Alabama Chanin top

I’ve washed this top a few times now (in a lingerie bag) in the washing machine and it holds up brilliantly, which is amazing, given it’s all hand sewn and has lots of raw edges.


Barbara jane made Alabama Chanin top

I added beading to the neck and hem. Now that’s even more addictive than the reverse applique.


wpid-wp-1443129104563.jpgMore details on the early stages of this and my minimalist equipment here.

It started as some portable sewing to take on holidays and has become a new obsession and something I can do when too tired for machine sewing, tracing or cutting. Do you have a sewing activity you turn to when tired?

happy stitching


Oh and I’ve started a new project, with lots and lots of beading ☺










16 thoughts on “BJMade! Anna’s garden top (Alabama Chanin)

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  2. You beat me to it! I’love the tone on tone colorway and the beading.
    Just curious if this takes time away from your regular machine sewing, or you do this at times and places you normally wouldn’t be sewing.
    All my supplies are sitting in the box waiting for me to get up the courage to start. I bought clear sequins with an unknown plan but you might sway me to bead the edge instead.

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