tablecloth skirt #melbournefrocktails

Well helloo hello, longtime no blogging, but I’m back to show you my Melbourne frocktails skirt. It’s definitely a winner, though it didn’t start out that way.


I had this cotton pique or marcella in my stash for ages. I loved it’s large scale floral but when it arrived (from tessuti) I thought oh no, what will I do with it, it’s so heavy and thick.barbarjanemade.jpeg

It marinated in the stash. All I could think to do with it was make a tablecloth, and it would have made a lovely tablecloth, an expensive one, but very pretty.

Then I bought a ticket to Melbourne frocktails!!! I saw a gorgeous RTW skirt my daughter was wearing, full, flared, twirly, lots of body and so the ‘tablecloth’ skirt was born.tmp_10189-20160101_130752-1962500919tmp_10189-20160101_1308571662601258

I based it on the BHL Flora skirt. Pretty much a circle skirt with inverted box pleats front and back. I wanted a shaped waistband that didn’t collapse. I made the waistband first and got it the size I wanted before adjusting the skirt and pleats to fit the waistband.


The waistband is roughly based on the Grainline Moss skirt, but wider, and to sit at the waist, not below. Pretty heart shaped button…..

I used Gertie’s tutorial on boning a waistband to prevent it from collapsing.  I used rigilene polyester boning inside casing made from  white bias binding.

The inside waistband and pockets are Liberty. Another stash fabric that I wondered what I was thinking afterwards (or as Marcy might say, what was I drinking).tmp_10189-20160105_122551325895031

The Flora doesn’t have pockets, but in-seam pockets are an easy addition and who doesn’t love a pocket in a fancy skirt. Liberty pockets………barbarajanemade.jpeg

By the time it was done, I was quite pleased with it and thought it deserved a hand sewn hem – it took foooorever, but now I love the old tablecloth skirt.

For the top I made a Tessuti Kate in silver linen (who knew, there was such a thing, but A2F had some). It’s the first time I’ve really understood and done a proper a full bust adjustment, what??! Now I want to remake all the things. Details of the silver Kate soon Shoes from Bared Footwear, inspired by Jillian.


Frocktails was such a good night, it was so good to meet so many other sewists and see all the gorgeous frocks, all the fabric. Fabric shopping organized by Anna was a blast too. Imagine hanging out in fabric shops with people that know about fabric and aren’t  in a hurry to leave 😊

thanks for a great weekend lovely Melbourne hosts and frocktails organisers.



tmp_10189-20160116_191349-1094480759The tailors tack, freshly minted (ha ha) for frocktails.




22 thoughts on “tablecloth skirt #melbournefrocktails

    • Thanks so much Carolyn! It’s amazing fabric and the skirt is now a favourite. Well worth it hanging in the stash for a while unloved, before its purpose was found.


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  2. What a wonderful skirt! I never have the courage to buy fabric such as this, so well done for your foresight and being able to carry it off. Your top looks amazing too, so I can’t wait to read about the silver linen and FBA. I love the concept of a drink minted especially for frocktails…

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    • thanks so much Sue. I really thought it was destined to be a tablecloth, but this is much more fun. The special cocktails was invented for the evening with a call going out in instagram for a suitable name.

      Liked by 1 person

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