Silver linen Kate top

My tablecloth skirt for #melbournefrocktails needed a simple top. I decided on Tessuti’s Kate top, view A. (I made view B last year.)

Barbarajanemade Kate top.jpeg

I picked up some silver linen from A2F. But oh when will I ever learn to make a muslin!!!. I had it at try on stage, and naturally there was gaping at the armholes because I didn’t do an FBA. If I’d made a muslin the need for an FBA would have been obvious.wp-1453784697841.jpeg

Luckily I had enough fabric to start again (because I had planned on using some silver to trim a jacket).

I have attempted FBAs before but have never really understood what I was doing. Not till I read  Alexandra’s tutorials. These were so useful, now I feel like I should re-make my whole wardrobe! well the things that would benefit from an FBA (oh dear does that mean more fabric) :). I feel like this is the first properly fitting top I’ve ever made!! with no gaping at the arms or pulling across the chest.wp-1453967342503.jpeg

It said 100% linen, not sure how it can be, it’s basically a white linen with a silver coating on one side. Whether it is or it isn’t- it’s rather lovely and has stood up fine to washing. I do make sure to iron carefully on the wrong side, not convinced the silver is really linen. I used the ‘wrong’ side  to make the binding.

barbarajanemade Kate top.jpeg

I can see more FBAs in my future, more muslins certainly doh! I guess all that works with slowing down the sewing a bit. Something I’m trying to do. Never thought I would get to the stage of too many clothes but I guess that happens when you’re obsessed with sewing. Anyone else have a similar issue?

Happy sewing all xx




Barbara jane made Kate top




10 thoughts on “Silver linen Kate top

  1. Such a lovely fabric, must look out for something similar over here. Well done on getting the FBA sorted, I think it’s probably something I need to do but always put off. I mostly sew with knits, so fit less of an issue, but do need to look into it…

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    • I think the fabric shop got in silver linen thinking of christmas tablecloths, but I wasnt about to do that, quilting cotton is fine for tablecloths ☺I feel like its taken me forever to ‘get’ the FBA, no looking back now!

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  2. I have the opposite issue of you, and just recently starting doing Small Bust Adjustments. I now feel like I can make and wear styles that I never thought I could. Just goes to show that there is still plenty for us gals to learn that have been sewing for decades!


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