Moss (not so) mini


There are so many lovely Grainline Moss Minis on the sewing interwebs I have wanted to try my own for a while, if only to have the fun of coordinating pockets, hem bands and waistbands.

The Moss mini is a semi-fitted skirt that sits slightly below the natural waist, has a fly front and button closure and a yoke at the back. I opted for View B with the added the hem band to make it not so mini.



barbarajanemade grainline moss mini.jpeg



I made this late last year, have worn it heaps and only just got around to photographing it (well asking Simon to take some photos). Actually I wore it several times before deciding it was way too big and subsequently I took a wedge out of the back seams (skirt and yoke), not the best idea particularly with such an obvious pattern.

On reflection I should have graded between sizes instead of just using the waist measurement. It would have been easy enough to do with the nested sizes, oh well next time….. this is still not quite right, it should  be  quite a neat skirt once it fits.

Learning, learning, all the time, one of the things I love about sewing ☺

barbarajanemade grainline moss mini.jpegI love the fabric, a beautiful bright printed linen. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many things I can wear it with. It fits with my aim to wear more bright colours.wp-1456088365205.jpg

The pockets, inside waist and hem bands are Liberty left from one of Simon’s shirts. Makes the Moss a secret riot of colour plus it adds a lot to the comfort factor, having Liberty on the inside.


I have plans for a black denim Moss, with pink and green floral pockets  🙂 and a better fit  🙂

See also:

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18 thoughts on “Moss (not so) mini

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  2. It looks great! The fabric is really interesting and i don’t think I’ve seen something like it before. The printed linens I’ve come across tend to be old fashioned large florals (not that there’s anything wrong with large florals!). And everyone seems to have to lengthen this skirt.. I know it’s meant to be a mini, but I also wonder whether Grainline for a shorter than average height? Thank you for linking to my skirt too by the way :). It got retired for a while but is currently back in rotation!

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    • you’re right most of the moss mini’s I’ve seen aren’t really mini. I got the fabric through instagram and now I can’t think who was selling it, it was somone who sells vintage fabric and this was part of a de-stash happing via insta. I do love a linen, almost any linen really.


    • thanks Sue! I’m liking the bright colours, right up your alley too. We seem to be having a late and very hot summer. It’s good getting a peek of the weather on the other side of the planet though, I’m starting to think of coats!


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