deer and doe and overboard with t-shirts

what a cute name for a pattern company…

A blog backlog here. I made several, a couple a few,Deer and Doe Plantain t-shirts.

This one, purple and mauve stripe is 100% cotton, a beautiful quality, fine with a subtle pattern in the weave.

barbara jane made deer and doe t-shirt.jpg

It’s my new favorite top pattern. A good fit straight from the pattern. This is a freebie from Deer and Doe and sometimes you get what you pay for but not here. I really like this t-shirt.

Fitted at the shoulders and flaring at the hips, has a neck-band, that just sits right. It comes in three sleeve lengths, though so far I’ve only tried the short.

This fabric is a poly-cotton jersey, I thought the colours were quite groovy. It also goes nicely with my first Moss Mini.

On the Melbourne frocktails fabric shopping sojourn, organised by Anna, I came across the same fabric (at The Cloth Shop, new to me!) in a pink colourway. Sort of wish I’d picked some up now, then again I think I have enough t-shirts………….

barbara jane made deer and doe t-shirt.jpeg

This one of unknown composition, and I’d  have to say poor quality. Purchased from ClearIt on the Melbourne frocktails shopping extravaganza.

barbara jane made deer and doe t-shirt.jpg

Orange and grey fluro also from ClearIt, also unknown composition, but a weave like French terry and much more sturdy than the red and white stripe. It did however fray like crazy, so I ended up using bands on the sleeves as well as the hem, otherwise it was going to fray away to nothing. Interesting working with the fabrics that are used for mass production! I do like a bit of fluro and this t-shirt goes pretty well with the pineapple jeans.

barbara jane made deer and doe t-shirt.jpg

This one is a delicious  100% merino made with left-overs from my Megan cardigan. mmm could be a twinset, yeah maybe not….

barbara jane made deer and doe t-shirt.jpegbarbara jane made deer and doe t-shirt.jpeg

mmm too many t-shirts? too many stripes?

Anyway a great t-shirt. I’m going to try the long sleeve version as the weather starts to cool. I’ll definitely check out other Deer and Doe patterns.

Have you made many of one pattern? Which one is it for you?

Anyone else gone overboard with Papercut’s Ahoy collection? I have, jumped right in with the Moana and Sea-bell! There’s already been some lovely makes from the collection on the interwebs, looking forward to seeing more.

Happy stitching!




12 thoughts on “deer and doe and overboard with t-shirts

    • thanks Maria! You do get a bit of practice behind you when you make this many, and I found the length of the binding in the pattern just right, that hasn’t always been the case in other patterns I’ve tried.

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  1. Did you do anything to the neckline? It looks lower on the website than it does on you. The T’s look great on you. Can’t have too many great T’s

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks Barbara (good name!). I didn’t lower any of them except the red and white stripe one, where the fabric was of such questionable quality that I cut off one attempt and started again. It’s too low now for other than wearing at home really.


  2. Kudos to you, Barbara, for sewing a nice collection of t-shirts. I made a commitment to not buy any RTW t-shirts, but I always get distracted with more “interesting” things to sew. And now my supply of decent t-shirts is sorely lacking. I will have to try this pattern. Thanks for sharing.

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    • thanks Lori, yes they are not interesting sewing but I can’t look at RTW anymore, I want the fun of sewing and the better fabric (usually) and colours you get when sewing your own.


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