silky Jane dress of hanging wisteria

I’m strangely drawn to Tessuti’s asymmetrical patterns. (See the many version of Sophie again  and Sophie in spots and Marrimeko Sophie and hot pink Sophie).

I purchased the Jane dress pattern the day it came out. Tessuti describe it as an “a-line dress features a small neckline split, short sleeves and a side pocket. A side godet panel creates a clever asymmetrical hemline. This dress is simple, stylish and makes for a perfect summer wardrobe addition. Suitable fabrics for the Jane Dress include light to medium weight linens, cottons, medium weight drape.”

I thought I might have the perfect fabric languishing in the stash. This is a silk crepe di chine also from Tessuti. Hanging wisteria!! fading to black…wp-1457930127771.jpeg

Due to the asymmetry, you cut this dress out in a single layer. It made the pattern placement easy, though there was debate in the household about whether the wisteria should hang down or grow up. I won, whoever heard of wisteria growing up plus I was the maker and wearer 🙂

barbarajanemade Jane dress

The pattern said it was for intermediate  to super advanced sewists. There’s no way I’m super advanced so I thought perhaps it would be an idea to follow the directions to the letter, unusual  for me ☺. I like Tessuti instructions, quite clear and good pictures.  I didn’t  think there was anything too tricky, the neck slit and the godet came together easily.

Tessutis Jane dress Barbarajanemade.jpeg

Tessutis Jane dress Barbarajanemade.jpg

Although I’m on an FBA roll at the moment, I just didn’t know where to start with the asymmetry and the whole dress front, rather than a bodice only. Consequently I tried grading between medium at the shoulders/sleeves, extra large at the bust and large waist down. I think it sort of worked, though I doubt it would have been successful if I’d wanted a sleeveless Jane dress.

Tessutis Jane dress Barbarajanemade.jpegTessutis Jane dress Barbarajanemade.jpeg

It’s  a loose fitting dress. Nice and floaty, I like the pocket and the asymmetry makes it a bit quirky.

Tessutis Jane dress Barbarajanemade.jpeg

Happy  sewing! Especially if you have the day off #publicholidaysarereallysewingholidays


10 thoughts on “silky Jane dress of hanging wisteria

  1. Thanks Jean! It’s such a treat to wear silk, feels so luxurious. Was a bit too warm for our long long summer, when I tried it on today, but looks like the weather may have changed and it will be perfect for autumn.


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