Illusion dress? Simplicity 6209

Finally blogged………….I’ve been wanting to give these black at the sides, make yourself look slimmer dresses, ever since they were in fashion, years ago. Yep, that’s me right on trend, yesterdays trend.

Barbarajanemade simplicity 6209.jpg


The pattern is Simplicity/NewLook 6209  described as a  ‘dress with princess seams for a form fitting look, sleeve and neck line variations feature a contrast yoke in solid or sheer fabrics’.Barbarajanemade simplicity 6209.jpeg























I’ve had the pattern for a while, then the right fabric just leapt into my post-box (making up the difference so as not to pay for postage :), ever done that? #stashehancment.

The orange, black and white is a cotton 3% spandex (Tessuti), as is the plain black (A2F).

I have been all fired up about  doing everything with a full-bust adjustment ever since my Kate top. I had no idea what to do with a princess seam thought, so I winged it. I think this was fine, but then I didn’t know what to do with the dart on the adjoining piece. The fit around the bust is fine, but a bit too much fabric round the neck and the dart is not right at all. Luckily the fabric is forgiving, and a multitude of errors are hidden. After an Instagram chat Maria generously assisted me with some FBA info. I’ll know more for next time.


Barbarajanemade simplicity 6209.jpegIt’s not the most exciting dress in the world, but it’s a good  for work and I finally did get to try the ‘do black sides make you look slimmer?’ ahh I don’t think so. Still I think it would be worth another try, with a more accurate FBA and a bit more fitted overall.Barbarajanemade simplicity 6209.jpeg

Have you had a go at the illusion type dress? what do you think?

Happy stitching!





17 thoughts on “Illusion dress? Simplicity 6209

  1. I actually believe the black sides do create the illusion of being slimmer (now that sounds like I think you need it …and I don’t). Love the look and the printed fabric. If you make this pattern again, you might try a sway back adjustment to eliminate any bunching of fabric at the back. You might as well make special perfect!

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  2. PRETTY dress…black and a geometric print usually make me think bold or dramatic, but with this silhouette and the peach accent colour, it’s all out pretty!

    I am just finishing up a princess seamed dress similar to yours. it actually comes with separate pattern pieces depending on cup size. I made a D cup and I think I probably should have made a C cup…I did have some alterations to do. One would think princess seamed dresses would be super easy to alter, but I found it a little tricky. Good for you for doing a FBA with success. Not sure how to advise eliminating the fullness at the neckline with your next make…maybe a small dart at the neckline in the pattern piece?

    Anyways, sorry to be long-winded…in answer to your question, I’ve definitely been considering sewing an illusion dress now that I’ve got this make nearly done!

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    • thanks Sue! I think a dart in the pattern piece at the neckline is a great idea, and would work well. Yes princess seams are supposed to be easy to alter, but I’m not so sure. Look forward to seeing yours. I like the patterns with separate cup sizes, makes a lot of sense.


  3. Never thought of these as illusion dresses, lol. To compare you would need another dress in the busy material only – and I think you’d find that it does indeed make you look slimmer. For me though, the most important effect of the solid black is that it calms down the rather busy diamond pattern. The pattern is awesome, but I think my eyes would go all wonky if it was a full dress. As it is, it’s super awesome. And while you might say the fit isn’t perfect, it probably beats rtw, right?

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    • thanks! oh yes too much in an all over dress, and definitely better than RTW. Have you seen the dress where the waist seems too be disconnected making it seem very tiny, or at least very tiny on those that very tiny waists to start with 🙂 maybe I should try that next 🙂

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    • thanks Julie! mmm the neck , maybe we need to add for the bust and subtract for the neckline, arms need to stay the same, always something to learn on the fitting front 🙂


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