Castaway to couture – men’s shirt to tunic for me!

Kirsty did an amazing re-fashion to make a very lovely fitted dress. She’s entering it the Australian Sewing Guild Castaway to Couture competition. I thought what a nice idea! but I don’t have anything I want to re-fashion.

The very next day Simon hands me a silk shirt I made for him last year saying, asking ‘anything you can do with this? it’s too big for me and I’ll never wear it, can you do anything with the fabric?’ I thought Castaway to Couture! Maybe a tunic top for me! like I need more clothes ha…., but I do like a challenge.

It’s such a lovely crisp silk, though rather dull as a men’s shirt. All the seams were flat-felled!


Sooooo….I cut off the length, including the sleeves, used this to make binding.wp-1460958722303.jpeg

Cut off the buttons.

Carefully removed the pocket, that gave it a  business shirt look.

Sewed up the centre front and made a placket.



Used the binding on the sleeves.

Added some new buttons to feminize the whole look. What about these darling buttons? They’re from Buttons, buttons, buttons at The Rocks in Sydney. No website but if you’re  ever in the area, lots of lovely buttons.


barbarajanemadeI rather like the new incarnation of the shirt, a good addition to the work wardrobe. It should get a run during #memademay16

Are you joining in the re-fashion fun? or me-made-may?

happy stitching 🙂



8 thoughts on “Castaway to couture – men’s shirt to tunic for me!

  1. Done and done brilliantly! I really can’t quite believe this is a refashion.

    No MMM for me this year. I do need to assess what’s working and what’s not in my hand made wardrobe, but it just didn’t feel like the right time for me. It’s funny though…I do catch myself noting how many me-mades I’m wearing on any given day! Go Sue, LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sue, it was pretty simple really, but don’t tell anyone! I do find phographing every day for MMM a bit tricky, I wasnt going to bother this year but have found I’m getting in to it.


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