Brooklyn Brooklyn

I’d  love to go to Brooklyn some day. In the meantime I’m  loving my Brooklyn coat. A new pattern from Tessuti. Like the Sydney jacket it uses a fabric that doesn’t fray, like a boiled wool, though ponti would work in a climate warmer than canberra.

This is Brooklyn in a cold damp Melbourne and it performed well.

Barbarajanemade Brooklyn coat.jpeg

I do rather like the colour against the wet Melbourne evening and the grey Melboune day. And the pockets on the bum, mmmm, these  were very much a last minute addition but I do like them after all, a bit different, interesting, noice ☺

Barbarajanemade Brooklyn coat.jpegBarbarajanemade Brooklyn coat.jpegWith no seams or edges to finish the coat was a quick sew, again like the Sydney jacket. Also I got to try one on in Addicted to Fabric, so I knew the small/medium would be a good fit. Sewing is much easier when you know it will fit! Barbarajanemade Brooklyn coat.jpeg

This boiled wool has a high proportion of rayon in it, make it very soft, nice to wear but it also stretches quite a lot, something to be aware of when sewing it and nothing a good wash won’t fix, after a few wears.

Here’s Brooklyn having another outing in Melboune, with my new silk satin infinity scarf. How have I taken so long to find infinity scarves? Now I’m want them all using all the scraps.

Barbarajanemade Brooklyn coat.jpeg

Have you tried the Brooklyn coat?


19 thoughts on “Brooklyn Brooklyn

  1. Hi Barbara…..I have just purchased one of your beautiful Desert Rose Lace Sheath 3/4 sleeve dress for my Son’s Wedding in Sept. I haven’t been able to find same on your website.


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  3. I bought boiled wool with the Sydney jacket in mind, but I wondered into Tessutis the other day and tried on the Brooklyn and I’m going there instead. Love your version to bits.

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  4. Loving this coat – the colour and the cut are excellent. I have made the Tessuti Sydney Jacket and the StyleArc Estelle Jacket and love the lack of finishing, but I did have to work hard to get smooth edges!

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    • Thanks Sue. I remember your Sydney with the,lengthened sleeves, very nice. I haven’t tried the Estelle, would like to. Yes you do have to be careful to cut nicely, I also really like the raw edges, something a bit edgy about them I think.

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  5. Beautiful jacket, looks so nice on you, the colour great for a dull day. Also love the scarf & brooch.
    Not sure about the back pockets though – (wouldn’t work on me)- however you wear it well.😀

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  6. Love the colour of your fabric. Perfect for brightening up a cold winters day or night. It has a lovely drape too. Not sure about the raw edges but I have just cut out a Style Arc Estelle Jacket in a wool ponte and it is supposed to have raw edges too. We’ll see how it looks when I sew it together. Your jacket is lovely and must be nice and warm in the boiled wool.

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