Liberty fleece – is it worth it?

There was a time I thought Liberty only did lawn, but no, there’s a whole world of loveliness, silk satin, silk georgette and fleece!

There were a few beauties at the Fabric store when I acquired this. I was very tempted by the hot pink, but went more muted in the end.

barbarajane made Style Arc in Liberty

The pattern is Style Arc Madison, with lengthened sleeves.  I like that it’s a raglan with not too low a scooped neckline. I also like the small dart at the shoulder that means the sleeve sits nicely. I’ve made it before (not blogged) with the sleeve length as in the pattern, but I’ve since made a few, this one included with the sleeve lengthened.barbarajane made Style Arc in Libertybarbarajane made Style Arc in Liberty

I probably should have made the sleeves a little longer, but let’s call in bracelet length.

Worn here with a Liberty silk satin infinity scarf (this only needed half a meter!)barbarajane made Style Arc in Liberty

barbarajane made Style Arc in Liberty

To the main question, is it worth it?

It is no doubt an expensive fleece. I do love that it’s 100% cotton, the colours and the detail of the print. It coordinates beautifully with this silk satin and wearing the scarf dresses the whole outfit up a notch, when that’s wanted.

It is a lovely quality and washes and wears well. I’d say it is worth it, maybe not to have a raglan sweatshirt in every colour, but one or two 🙂 is sort of nice.

Have you tried Liberty fleece?


Anyone in the Sydney environs? then this sounds like lots of fun. Make, Sew & Gather weekend of workshops, making, great company and gorgeous food in bush surrounds near Manly. Click on the picture for all the details.usefulbox-msg-retreat-ig-2.png.png



12 thoughts on “Liberty fleece – is it worth it?

  1. Another lovely Maddison top. Great idea to lengthen the sleeves…I might have to copy you. The print looks fabulous and I am very interested to hear how it stands up to multiple washes, and if you think it is worth the extra expense.

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  2. This looks lovely on you Barbara – and it’s great to prints being mixed 🙂 . What I love about the Liberty prints is that they are somehow timeless….even the new season prints. They are still re-producing designs from decades ago….that’s got to be saying something right? So, in theory, if you buy a print you love…it shouldn’t date…and you will still love it in years to come….!!??? Famous last words?

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