Jennifer Lauren Handmade – Gable top

A new pattern! The Gable top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade  released today!
‘With a classic 50s-inspired true slash neckline, a long-line body for extra comfort and three different sleeve options’
I pattern tested, first time I’ve tested a pattern, it was fun.
 barbarajanemade Gable top
I must say once I’d cut out my size 14 I thought o oh this isn’t  going to go round me, but I love the fit, more snug than I usually make but I really like it. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern. I usually do an FBA, but as Jen drafts for a D cub and with the stretch, I thought it might be ok, and it was.
I didn’t use, as suggested, a medium to heavy knit. Mine is a very light wool/viscose.  I think it worked well. I like the slash neckline, that I secured with twin needles. I made it dip as much as I could without distorting the seams.

Things I like:
 Love the fit and the overall look.
Indication on the pattern about the stretch.
The pdf was easy to put together without much waste.
Jen suggests a small ribbon to mark the back. I think I’ll do this with more of my me-mades.
Only 3 pieces, no darts.
A good length.
I found it a quick easy make,  I love wearing it. I may not have picked it up had I not been pattern testing just because I already have a couple of tried and true knit top patterns, however I would have missed out on a winner that way.wp-1467588188160.jpeg
Have a look at Jen’s new pattern here! What do you think? I really like Jen’s red and white  short sleeve version.

14 thoughts on “Jennifer Lauren Handmade – Gable top

  1. Looks great Barbara. I have the pattern and a stack of fabrics (mainly merino) – I love the style and am planning on whipping up a few. It’s re-assuring to see you used a lighter weight knit than recommended as most of my stash knits are on the lighter side… !

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  2. Very nice, very flattering. Length is important, I really like the way this looks. I’m currently wearing a top that’s too short, I didn’t think about shrinkage when I made it. Duh. Did you stripe match? Looks good, anyway!

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