It’s a wrap – kielo by named

My darling  daughter sends me photos of outfits she thinks will suit her (and me). Most recently it was the Kielo wrap dress by Named. She’s got a good eye.

This is my second Named pattern. I love my Saunio cardiganwpid-20150906_125146.jpg, it looks so simple, like there’s nothing to it, but there’s some clever drafting hidden in the simplicity. I like it so much I made this one and another in white (unblogged) that gets lots of wear.

But back to the Kielo. I got 5m of this navy eyelet from the A2F  sale, enough for a Kielo for me and M.Barbarajanemade Named Kielo wrap dress.jpeg

Id didn’t know how it would work, whether if would need lining and how much the wrap would create two layers. Turns out it does need something under it. I’m wearing a black slip.  It’s ok with a white slip too, better with black though………barbarajanemade kielo wrapwp-1470868195936.jpeg

Such a comfortable dress and the eyelet makes it cool and breezy. I’m sure that will be good for a long hot summer.Barbarajanemade Named Kielo wrap dress.jpeg

I used the selvedge of the fabric as the binding for the neck and arms.wp-1470696220083.jpg

And here is a bartack at the top of the vent, actually two bartacks in a row. It’s not in the pattern but I prefer a very secure vent.wp-1470696130790.jpg

wp-1470868025005.jpegI would say Named instructions are minimalist particularly when it comes to finishing. It  doesn’t bother me because I’ve been sewing for a million years, but may bother you if you’re a newby. The instructions called for a fabric with at least some stretch. I really couldn’t see why this would be needed, soooo …………………my fabric has no stretch and it works fine.

What I like:

  • a simple make, no fitting issues
  • the shape, actually I looove the shape
  • the number of ways  it can be worn


The only change  I made to the pattern was to scoop the neck out slightly (an inch) because M thought that would be the go.wp-1470886407493.jpeg

What I didn’t like, the overlapping pattern pieces, in a paper pattern! that need to be traced! Many people have mentioned it. Also the need to add seam allowances. It seems to be the price for the interesting shapes Named have, but I hope they move away from it in the future.

There are so many lovely Kielos in blogland, this pretty floral version by Fiona or Helen’s many different ways to wear it or Liz’s or Gabrielle’s jungle  january version, gorgeous!

M and I can be matchy matchy in our Kielo wrap dresses now. Will you be trying the Kielo wrap?Barbarajanemade Named Kielo wrap dress


6 thoughts on “It’s a wrap – kielo by named

  1. This is indeed a beautiful dress, Barbara. It is very figure flattering. I have only just got back to knitting for myself and would like to return to sewing for myself as well. This may well be just the pattern to inspire me!


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