Red cut out lace dress, not a tablecloth after all!

Pinterest I was not alone in opening the Tessuti package, throwing the lace over the table and thinking mmmm nice tablecloth.

This is my entry for the #tessuticutoutlacecomp – to create an outfit that showcases one of three gorgeous laces, a black, white and red, all the same solid, easy to work with lace with the same cut out pattern.

I chose the red and in the end I think it’s a rather woo hoo frock. There were so many possibilities with the cut-out pattern matching, it was fun rearranging and trying differnt placements to show off the lace.

My obsession with the  bell sleeves continues, how are these red lace sleeves?barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpg

barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpg 

I did try to be even further on tend (or not) with a separating exposed zip:barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpg

The sewing brains trust (thanks Flip, thanks Jas) said no. I replaced it with an invisible zip, much better suited to the dress.barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpg

I used Vogue 8945 because it was a simple semi-fitted dress. And of course because of those sleeves.vogue-8945

I chose the v-neckline and the single layer sleeves. The lace is quite solid and wouldn’t  have worked with the 3 layered flounce, but oooh that sleeve is definitely on the list with a floaty fabric.

In some ways it was an easy sew, the fabric was easy to work with and look no hemming required, win!barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpgI chose not to line the dress and am wearing it here with a simple white slip. I’m ridiculously happy with theses sleeves. Can you tell?barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpg I would never have picked this fabric if it hadn’t  been for Tessuti’s competition. It’s  great the way something like that can get you out of your sewing and making comfort zone. Have you ever tried something out of your comfort zone and been pleasantly surprised? barbarajanemade tessuticutoutlacecomp.jpg

Check out the other lace outfits on Tessuti’s  Pinterest  board. There are lovely creations in white and black as well as red.


16 thoughts on “Red cut out lace dress, not a tablecloth after all!

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  2. I have some lace in my stash too that I keep stumbling across as I’m searching for a particular fabric I have in mind for a project. I pick it up, admire it, put it back 🙂 I’m a little daunted at the idea of sewing a lining AND sewing with lace just in general but seeing your beautiful dress I’m inspired and just a tad more motivated 🙂


  3. Your invisible zip is soooooo neat. I never manage to get my needle close enough to the zipper teeth all the way down the zip and some of the tape still shows. What is your secret?


    • thank you so much Sue. The black and white were also lovely but like you I always gravitate to colour. And the trees it’s always amazing looking at the variety through the eyes of sewing bloggers around the world.


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