A very lemony frocktails frock


Spot the clutch purse…. ha ha, well disguised isn’t  it. Because when you sew you can do that crazy stuff.

 Photo by Kirsten Simpson at the Seamstress Bar for Frocktails!

It was a lovely evening of gorgeous frocks and fabric, excellent food and cocktails organised by Kat, Libby and Renay, thank you! Great to catch up with sewing friends and meet new ones. 

 I got this small  amount of stretch silk satin while on holidays. (Hong Kong (western market) based on info from Sue – thanks!). Isn’t fabric the best souvenir?


The pattern is the same as I used for the red lace dress, without the sleeves, obvs. Vogue 8945, it’s a simple shift with a v-neck and an invisible zip at the back.

 I drafted  an all in one facing for the armholes and neck and used the interfacing to give it a nice clean finish.barbarajanemade.jpeg

I thought I’d add a bit of interest and make it Frocktails worthy by adding some bling.

I added some clear bugle beads to outline the neckline and also some of the lemon blossom petals.  I enjoy beading, that I first tried with my Alabama Chanin top. There’s not a lot of call for it in everyday life, or mine anyway. Yay for Frocktails 🍋🍸


For the clutch purse I used scraps and folded a simple,envelope around the interfacing used for bags, the name escapes me. The magnetic clasp was easy to install. Now I want to make all the purses to match all the outfits.barbarajanemade


I wore the lemony frock to the work Melbourne Cup do, with added fascinator….because..well why not 🍋🍋 barbarajanemade🍋🍋Happy stitching 🍋🍋


11 thoughts on “A very lemony frocktails frock

  1. This was so much fun to read and see! I loved your idea of beading (I’ve been falling SO in love with Natalie Chanin’s work – I have fabric paints on the way – I have my stencils all ready and some lovely cotton knit pieces to practice) but I haven’t gotten to the beading plans yet so I was excited to see your beading on your dress. Beautiful!! Beautiful fabric (of course you are heading into summer while we’re heading into winter here – Victoria BC Canada) so it was enlivening to see such a lively, colourful summer dress. Love the idea of a clutch and fascinator to match 🙂 Thank you for putting so much work into this wonderfully inspiring post.

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