Ralph Rucci coat

I’m writing about my sewalong progress here. Such an amazing looking coat by Ralph Rucci and should be a sewing challenge. If you’re sewing along or even if you’re not, if you have any thoughts on the whole process….or the coat…. love to hear from you…….


I’m excited to be joining Vogue’s first sewalong. (You can click on the pic above to see the McCalls/Vogue blog, where Meg is co-hosting the sewalong with Lauren at Lladybird.)

19 Sept: Making this coat will certainly be unseasonal sewing. If all goes to plan it should be ready about mid-summer. I don’t mind, there will be a nice chilly winter to follow. It fits with me wanting to try more challenging sewing. A sewalong is a great way to learn.

Obtaining the pattern is easier said than done. It seems Vogue hasn’t released the latest patterns yet in Oz.  I’ve had to order it from the US, just hoping it turns up in time to start the sewalong.

23 Sept: My fabric arrived from Tessuti yesterday! An Italian wool brocade with a metallic coating. I love it. I think/hope it has the stiff drape needed for this coat.

Brocade close up

2 Oct: Look what I got in the post today! All the way from America! So excited now I can start on a muslin.

7 Oct. Started making the muslin tonight. This pattern has the most interesting shapes I’ve ever worked with. Check out these sleeves! I think I’m going to like this coat.

Ralph rucci coat sleeve muslin

8 Oct: The muslin is looking not too bad, except for the right sleeve, something went wrong with the gusset, or the sleeve upper and lower sections?? Upside down maybe?? So glad I made a muslin!!



9 Oct: Shopping today for fabric for the seam bindings and trim and buttons! Chartreuse silk dupion.

14 Oct: Now shrinkage, will it be a problem or not? Lauren said I absolutely must pre-shrink. I decided on the dry-cleaning option but the local dry-cleaner wouldn’t have a bar of it. Wouldn’t dry clean it without seeing written instructions and wouldn’t steam shrink team it, no way did she want to shrink it. Mmmm think I might test two small squares with the ‘steam the heck out of it’ method.

15 Oct: This is two squares identical size before I ‘steamed the heck’ out of one. The one on the right. No discernible difference in size, so I think I can proceed……….. with caution.


I love this method of making bias binding! It’s described by Rachel in the Coletterie. Here we have lots and lots of lovely bias all perfectly joined, yay!

Continous bias binding

27 Oct: mmm seem to have missed a post or two, the WP reader has been a bit erratic, so am behind. That and it’s taken me several attempts to get the belt looking even vaguely like the pics on the Mcalls blog. I don’t think they can possibly mean use the 2 inch bias for this facing??? Anyway I cut mine in half and reduced the seam allowance. The belt is probably wider than it should be but it does look like the pics. I also thought I’d do the button holes before the binding, my button hole foot can sometimes play up if it meets any obstacles, like binding!

tmp_18138-image390046331 tmp_18138-image-1249462096
After doing the first seam using the continous bias, figured out what I think the instructions mean. Apply the bias folded in half aah now it makes sense, and much easier…………

11 November: Other things have jumped to the head of the sewing que. Like my fringed dress. I’m a long way behind with the sewalong now. That’s ok it is nearly summer here and the sewalong posts will be available for when I do catch up.

Barbarajane made Ralph Rucci coat

way behind on the sewalong front……..

19 November: perhaps totally unseasonal sewing is just not the go. The sewalong is now over and I’m way behind. Still the posts will stay up and I get to see Lauren and Megs finished coats. Both are lovely. Great to seen Meg made numersous modifications to make it her own. It’s always good to remember that patterns are really just starting points, you don’t have to follow the instructions.

28 November: My coat is in danger of becoming a UFO. When it’s 38 degrees it’s hard to focus on a brocade coat.


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